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SRS Awards by CarolHaz391 6 hrs ago
RHEX by M2G2 9 hrs ago
Egg Roller (with robot...) by Hagenauto 2 days ago
robotic mower RL2000 knife holder (rl2000 messerhalter) by chriswal 2 days ago
robo the robot by visionandnet 4 days ago
Balancing Robot Body by DaveGun 5 days ago
Mouth and eye brow mechanics, adaptable to eye mechanics by kakiemon 5 days ago
Gear train for 4:1, 12:1 or 36:1 gear reduction by MasterClockmaker 6 days ago
Gear by redealexander9 6 days ago
Arduino with breadboard and base for servo robot arm by stellaren 6 days ago
3D Printed Raspberry Pi Pan-Tilt Camera Brackets by chrisgeek Apr 13, 2018
Nema 17 pinion gear 28t by Ghost384904 Apr 13, 2018