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Rumba Mount and 80mm Fan Mount to suit by 3dprintsolutions Dec 30, 2016
RUMBA to Duet Wifi Mount by slepp Oct 13, 2016
Basic Rumba Mount for UM2 clone by vapor83 Aug 14, 2016
Rumba case for 30mm profile by Kissman Jul 8, 2016
Rumba Gehäuse zum anschrauben / Rumba case to screw by cheffeundwackl Jun 25, 2016
New Display Frame for my Case-System (Ramps/Rumba) by e-nozzel Feb 8, 2016
Rumba Board Case by ElffisKoenig Jan 24, 2016
Rumba board case lid Remix by BrennanK Dec 31, 2015
P3Steel RUMBA mounting bracket by karlzhao314 Nov 27, 2015
Stepper driver trimpot aligner / screwdriver tool by Patola Oct 19, 2015
RUMBA Board holder by Genapart Oct 17, 2015
NCS Raspberry Rumba mount for Prusa i3 steel by trentjw Oct 12, 2015