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FLAMENT HOLDER by prina 21 hrs ago
SciFi Terrain Tiles (4"/10cm) by YellowSignStudio 3 days ago
Gaussian Linear Magnetic Accelerator Track by trulko 4 days ago
'Bobblerz' by muzz64 4 days ago
Fidget Roller (rolling stick toy) by WildRoseBuilds 6 days ago
Stirling engine WORKS! by thewerefox 6 days ago
Dual Cylinder Engine by T-E-C 6 days ago
Self-watering Planter 3 by dto26 Jun 10, 2017
Reuleaux cone - Solid of Constant Width by Point_of_view Jun 4, 2017
Sci-fi Crate by SentinelSam Jun 2, 2017
MPM-1-Br unit cell by khaverim7 May 31, 2017
Design a Space Probe Project 2017 by mfritz May 30, 2017