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LOCK for door or boxes with PADLOCK by 3DMEN 6 days ago
Small Hidden Camera Box (GoPro Session) by Bwana97 Mar 11, 2018
Round Container w / threaded bolt cap by Plastic_Innovations Mar 3, 2018
Flush Mount Under Shelf for Desk by codex73 Feb 24, 2018
Hinged Chest with Working Lock and Wood Texture by DrLex Feb 22, 2018
Tiny Secret Book by nullgel Feb 21, 2018
Secure break-apart container for micro SD card by elle2005 Jan 29, 2018
Squirrel nut candle holder/secret storage by miaka618 Jan 25, 2018
Dove Tail Box Puzzle by Ero_SS Jan 21, 2018
Secret Message Heart Puzzle by CsabaP Jan 15, 2018
Combination Lock - work in progress by theGathering Jan 14, 2018
Cipher Ring V4 Box with secret Chamber by graph Dec 29, 2017