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Anycubic i3 Mega Custom extruder + Filament Sensor by JCBell 23 mins ago
Unicorn - An ESP8266 thermometer and humidity meter by Thorinair 4 hrs ago
Palette+ sensor holder for Wanhao Duplicator 6 by Hoelzeli 11 hrs ago
MAX30100 Finger Clip for Heart rate monitor by Vitmar_2000 14 hrs ago
Rear Bed Level Sensor Holder by demizer 1 day ago
Anet A8 Filament Guide three versions with holder for filament sensor by Wolverine_DH 2 days ago
Sensei Scruffy's Sensorbox Mark I by Tjahzi 6 days ago
CR-10S Hinged Filament Sensor Mount by RickB 6 days ago
Dallas sensor case by degra 6 days ago
4 mm sensor holder by JosueRodz 6 days ago
DS18B220 Pipe 8mm. Housing for a flow-through temperature sensor by STX-121 Feb 12, 2018
E10 E3D V6 Carriage by TeslaZwerg Feb 11, 2018