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Dowel Lamp with low poly shade! by WildRoseBuilds 2 days ago
Knaus window shade handle by 0n370uch 4 days ago
Xiro drone sun shade for iPhone 6 (also with bumper) or smaller by J_Schmidt Aug 9, 2017
Nightlight Shade by timskloss Jul 22, 2017
Customizable Blind Chain Stopper by zapta Jul 21, 2017
Roller Shade LIft Cord System DIY by BigCooter Jul 17, 2017
Christmas Light Strand Decorative Bulb Shade Clip / Holder by barnr Jul 16, 2017
Bearing Mechanism Lamp by JobSmolders Jun 20, 2017
Lampshade for a small LED-lamp by humppanukke Jun 15, 2017
Parasol table vertical support mount by boopidoo Jun 11, 2017
Coleman Instant Event Shade Replacement Part / Joint by bluebomber May 31, 2017
Light evolving lamp by JobSmolders May 29, 2017