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Shower Head Flex Support by dean1969cox Jun 2, 2017
Shower head clip replacement by scarenightly May 22, 2017
Shower extension for Moen Magnetix by CVMichael Apr 20, 2017
Shower head holder by friedPotat0 Feb 28, 2017
Garden Hose to Shower (1/2" IPT) adapter by cylus80 Jan 25, 2017
Showerhead Holder with very steep angle by torinnguyen Jan 3, 2017
Shower head holder for horizontal bar by hildernp Dec 21, 2016
Shower Head with adjuster handle. It requires a metal spring to support and make the structure durable. The downloads are based on the pictures shown. by 3dMiguel Nov 10, 2016
Shower head hanger - no drilling in tiles by cimo Oct 21, 2016
Shower Caddy Hook by ekoziko Oct 19, 2016
Shower head holder by Shnitz Oct 18, 2016
Shower Head Holder by sandmann Jul 3, 2016