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Updated Compact Kossel Shroud by SummersideGuy 3 days ago
Air Fan Shroud for Mk8 Extruder by 2c2know 6 days ago
FROST - SMG handguard for Milsig M17 CQC (and maybe others) - v26 with or without fingerstop & Extended version by oVerGOOF Jun 9, 2017
FROST - Proto(type) handguard / shroud and FROST - Proto(type) Silencer v2.0 for the Milsig M17 CQC (and maybe others) Paintball marker by oVerGOOF Jun 8, 2017
MakerGear M2 Dual Fan Shroud (2 Piece) by roklobster04 Jun 6, 2017
Geeetech i3C dual extruder shroud for 2x 50mm radial fan blower+ 1x 40mm axial fan by waldamore Jun 6, 2017
Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro front fan shroud by MarkGlover Jun 5, 2017
50mm Blower Fan Nozzles by Gospel May 22, 2017
Duplicator i3 Cable Shroud Moose Edition by Mewse May 19, 2017
Radial fan mount Tronxy by Fysfys May 7, 2017
Blower Fan Shroud 50mm - Monoprice Select Mini by bluebomber May 7, 2017
Dynamix by AirpixFPV Shroud by CooperLytle Apr 22, 2017