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Fully Printable Spool Reel Mount for Duplicator i3 Plus / Maker Select Plus by plastic_person Nov 12, 2017
PVC Holder for Filament Storage Box by magkopian Nov 10, 2017
Just another spool holder (Uber Spool Holder) by glezz Nov 9, 2017
Filament Roller - curved by JoeGu Nov 8, 2017
Zaribo 3030 Filament Spool mounts for MIKEYMCC holder and new guide. by CO-OCD Nov 1, 2017
wall mount spool holder by Mat_osm Nov 1, 2017
Precision 608zz Customizable Variable Sized Spool Holder! by CallJoe Nov 1, 2017
Spool Holder extended for 150mm wide 3kg spools by goedkope3dfilamenten Oct 31, 2017
20mm PVC pipe support by woody_matt Oct 28, 2017
Customizable Spool Holder by helicopterjunky Oct 28, 2017
Simple Pegboard Filament Spool Holder by cilynx Oct 27, 2017
Spoolholder by Paul235 Oct 26, 2017