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TUSH - The Ultimate Spool Holder with V Rollers by wkarraker 18 hrs ago
Ikea Lack Spoolholder by GibbsonvZ 1 day ago
Anet a8 spool holder for 8mm rod by Stuffstufffstuff 2 days ago
Desk Spoolholder for Pimoroni's Solidcore Spools by buZztiaan 3 days ago
(Remix)Stand-alone filament spool holder by BitsAndPieces Mar 15, 2018
Spoolholder for xBot and Ultimakers 2/3 by dintid Mar 12, 2018
"Universal" Spool Holder by vasiok677 Mar 9, 2018
Yet Another Spool Holder by MakinBug Mar 4, 2018
45 Degree Spool Holder by vader7071 Mar 1, 2018
90 degree spool holder by vader7071 Mar 1, 2018
Freestanding spoolholder by robbanost Mar 1, 2018
Clip together Spool holder (easy print) by Hatred Feb 24, 2018