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Fidget spinner toy by JohnnyAl 20 hrs ago
GeoConstructix - Geometric STEM Learning Tool by Teachingineering 3 days ago
jBot Mini Quadruped Robot (Designed by Jason Workshop) by jasonleung8866 May 17, 2017
simple quadpod robot "そしゃぽっど" by akira_tech May 17, 2017
Print in Place Penny Fidget Spinner by theroar May 15, 2017
Stems for the Folding Arduino Lab by m4x1m3 May 14, 2017
Prime Numbers - a physical proof that they are 6N+/-1 after 3 by Jimbotron May 12, 2017
Bonzai Fidget Spinner by theroar May 12, 2017
Paper-Rails-Set (PRS) for Line Following Robot [for STEM] by nischi May 11, 2017
Lumia 640 Holder for FSA Gossamer 100mm Stem by HaGowSuiMai May 8, 2017
BuckyFuller JitterBug V2 by ronaldxjt May 6, 2017
Raspberry Pi Zero USB Stem case by curcuz Apr 26, 2017