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M4 Screw Head Cap for Filament Tensioner Screw by varind 11 hrs ago
M6 Screw tensioner by Wellenwerke 18 hrs ago
Simple 'S'-shaped belt tensioner by KRxAK 1 day ago
Nut tensioner for M5 Nuts by Wellenwerke 2 days ago
X-Belt Tensioner with space for the rods by Octimusocti May 20, 2017
Better tensioner for Smooth X-axis for Prusa i3 by Tijnv May 19, 2017
X-Axis Belt Tensioner Reinforced Arms by BaranCODE May 14, 2017
Anet A6 Y-Belt tensioner and holder by Wellenwerke May 12, 2017
Y Belt Tensioner and Holder for Anet A6 ( A8 ?) by Danielo112 May 12, 2017
Anet A6 X-Belt Tensioner "The Shield" by rafraider May 9, 2017
Belt tensioner pulley for Tevo Tarantula modified by Langelandsen May 6, 2017
Wanhao i3 E3D v6 Bowden Ratchet Tensioner Mount by rXc3NtR1c Apr 29, 2017