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Unit Circle and Sin Wave Guide by Bataya Jan 10, 2018
Laser Cut Unit Circle for Trigonometry by flcinnovation Sep 15, 2017
Mechanical Laser Show No-Support Version by Codyacehardware Aug 31, 2017
Unit Circle Machine Sine wave by Taimoor98 Aug 28, 2017
Sine Cosine Graph Template by GraspTheMath Jul 8, 2017

Educational Thing

Mechanical Laser Show by AdditiveTech Jun 13, 2017
Asymmetric Balanced Fidget Spinner: Penny, Nickel, Quarter by ehughes100 May 21, 2017

Educational Thing

Tangram by 3DPRINTER_NOOB May 14, 2017
Boat and Lighthouse (Trig Problem) by neverbenbetter Mar 26, 2017
mathematical arc for openSCAD by webours Mar 16, 2017
Interactive Unit Circle by dmbone Aug 15, 2016
TearDrop Descriptive Geometry Lesson by bathrobotics Mar 24, 2016