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Z3D Improved Z rod clamp for Prusa i3 Improved for laser cut frame by FDMTech May 2, 2017
CNC using Misumi exrusion and 3D printed parts by twelvepro Jul 11, 2016
RAMPs 1.4 mount for 1515 Aluminum extrusion, Used for SmartOne Printers. by twelvepro May 16, 2015
Prusa i3 ReWork / Improved - Adjustable Z Endstop by Linor Dec 21, 2014
P3Steel / Prusa i3 adjustable configurable Y endstop holder by AndrewBCN Nov 9, 2014
Prusa i3 reinforced Y motor mount by AndrewBCN Nov 8, 2014
P3Steel - Prusa i3 3mm Steel Laser cut (aka Leonardo) by irobri Sep 28, 2013
Prusa i3 Z smooth rods stabilizer by bernabap Apr 4, 2013
prusa i3 aluminum frame w/ aluminum upgrades by thainfamousnate Mar 31, 2013
Prusa i3 Improved for laser cut by twelvepro Jan 1, 2013