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Ubis 13 and Ubis 13S Placeholder by arcmatt Dec 31, 2017
Jon Noeldner by jonnoeldner Mar 28, 2017
Printrbot Simple Metal Ubis 13s fan mount by ajcraig Sep 20, 2016
40mm Ubis 13(S) Fan Shroud by timelapse21 Jun 23, 2016
Ubis Hotend mount with bowden adapter by gizmoman95 Feb 11, 2016
Printrbot Ubis13 Nozzle Holder by JmsDwh Jan 20, 2016
Ubis hotend Mount for HicTop Prusa i3 by 3DPropWorx Nov 8, 2015
30mm Printrbot Fan Guard by TechGirlMN Nov 3, 2015
Ubis 13 30mm fan full flow by Oldbuggy Oct 2, 2015
Prusa I3 Compatible Extruder Mount for UBIS Ceramic Hotend by sheriftaher Jul 6, 2015
Kossel Mini Single and Dual Effectors (Kraken, J-Head. E3D-v6, UBIS) by joem_ May 13, 2015
Huxley Ubis Hot End Adaptor by SlimShader May 2, 2015