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Extruder Indicator - Block M by TheSpoon 1 day ago
Extruder Visualizer (5mm axis, work on CR-10) by LarnOm May 7, 2018
Axis Orienter and 3D Visualizer by ShuttleSpace May 1, 2018
Aperture Laboratories Extruder (NEMA) Visualizer by aoisenshi Apr 30, 2018
Dutch Windmill Blades extruder motor visualizer by khackbarth Mar 14, 2018
Monkey NEMA extruder motor rotation indicator by dreidrei Mar 11, 2018
Sound Visualization LED for Google Home by freetime4y Mar 8, 2018
Extruder motor rotation indicator (Prusa i3 MK2/MK2S/MK3) by Petclaud Feb 21, 2018
Extruder Visualizer- Poop Edition by Kynari Feb 20, 2018
Extruder Motor Indicator or White Board Magnet by nikonowicz Feb 6, 2018
Captain America NEMA motor rotation indicator by 87squirrels Feb 3, 2018
NEMA (extruder) motor rotation indicator (Prusa MK2(S)/MK2.5/MK3) by Petclaud Nov 11, 2017