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Prusa i3 Steel printable parts. Complete Set by Massa0815 Oct 28, 2017
Scott's Bowden Wade by JenovaCell Oct 19, 2017
Hybrid Dual Color Single Hot End Extruder by 3D_Toys Sep 24, 2017
Wade Extruder 2020 mount by Blade893_uk Aug 30, 2017
Sensor Holder for Wade's L3K Extruder V2 by Sanaki Aug 9, 2017
ED3 metal extruder wades extruder extension by Inubana Jul 6, 2017
Bracket for mounting RichRap's Greg's geared Bowden-extruder to 0.75" square-tube (like on a RigidBot) by nabzim Jun 21, 2017
Comfy Guilder for Greg's Wade Reloaded by dhoyt7141 May 28, 2017
40mm Fan mount to 30mm and hotend by AndrewMLG May 13, 2017
FireFly mini by systemslave May 2, 2017
IMA-Prusa i3 Geared Extruder by gunawansy Mar 31, 2017
Lulzbot Extruder Beefy Idler Block for Greg/Wade style extruders - Heatset Insert Edition by piercet Mar 15, 2017