For more information please visit www.starcrusader.com

The brand new, free to play tabletop game is here! After lots of suggestions from my fans, I’m pleased to announce a brand new game, and it’s going to be completely free for the readers of my books. The rule books will be free to download, while the models will be free to print on your own 3D printer. I will also ensure that you can order them ready printed if you lack your own printer. Using the detailed backstory, history and artwork from Star Legions, I am creating a high-quality table top spaceship battle game. The game uses large scale miniatures, with battleships reaching an impressive 8 inches in length. There will be cruisers, frigates and other classes as the system develops. Please stop by and visit the official Facebook page, say hi, and post your thoughts on the new project. I will consider all your suggestions, and the crazier the better!

All models are free to download and print for personal use only. The models, system and rules are protected by copyright.

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