These are laser cutter plans (layered DXF files) and parts lists for making the models featured on my site http://mechanicalgifs.com. It should be possible to make any of these using an ordinary desktop laser cutter. Most require cutting nothing thicker than 1/8" (3mm) acrylic. A few use 1/4" (5.6mm) acrylic. The models on my site come with several parts made in different colors of acrylic, but if you only have plain clear acrylic, that's fine, the models look nice either way. Other parts required are generally just nuts and bolts (#2 and/or #6 depending on the model). A couple of the more complex models require acrylic solvent glue, and one needs a part bent using a heat strip. The Pin-Tumbler Lock and Two-Speed Transmission models require springs.

I don't give detailed assembly instructions here because there are exhaustively comprehensive videos for each model at http://mechanicalgifs.com/instructions. As long as you cut the parts according the dxf files here, those videos should apply exactly to what you get.