Filadelphia 1.0 (Please check out 2.0 instead)

by jeanmariecannie Sep 6, 2015
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Should I print this or the 2.0 remix?

I just updated the latest version here :


Filadelphia 2.0 (Please check out 3.0 instead) ....

Hello, I'm trying to print it using a prusa i3 but when slicing with repetier/slicr (v 0.9.9 mac) it tells me that the object is "non manifold". What should I do?


Thanks for the interest in this project. I don't have any experience with the Prusa i3 but I guess some of the borders are too thin to be usable.

This said I'm building a new version of this filament holder with a bigger wheel and better connector so maybe you can try the beta model ?

You can download the .stl file here :


Please let me know how it behaves.


Filadelphia 2.0 (Please check out 3.0 instead) ....

Are you planning on any updates to version 2? It prints fine (for me) however no side supports like version one had. Was it your intention that they be fixed to a surface permanently, I ask this because it looks like you made the "female" connections slots on the sides of unit as well for possible side supports.

Great work !

I should indeed post the connection slots but I'm on a holiday ATM.

What settings did you use when printing this? I printed it using 0.8mm shell thickness, 20% infill, 190 C with PLA, no supports, and a raft on a Mini Fabrikator. When the print was done the raft pretty much ruined the bottom of the print and would not come off. Also the wheel broke off while removing the part from the bed. The the little leg is very loose an the hollow part on the end broke open easily.

I used the 'standard' settings on my Makerbot II : 230°, 10% infill, no supports & raft.

Wow. I see what you did there. Very elegant design. (can't believe it didn't win 1st!). Well done!

When I saw your video, I didn't believe a 3D printed wheel could spin so well. So I printed one. And by golly, you've made a believer out of me! I love your concept of angling surfaces to tailor the design to what the printer can print!

Nice to hear you appreciate the design. If you drop a little oil in the center it spins even better.

i have a reprap Prusa I3 and it took less than 1-1/2 hrs to make but i was in no hurry. i was impressed how well it turned out. Maybe i'll print it again with more infill, I went with 15%.

I'll see if I can make the lever more prominent or make it click differently later.

It's a bit awkward that it prints different on different printers :(

i printed one straight away.i warped the bottom, but the wheel spins when the raft is removed (spins well) and the little arm clicked into place. Bravo!

Nice to hear it printed fine. What printer did you use and how long did it take?


ok, stop the contest now. We have a winner!

minimal plastic to print, quick to print, durable, expandable, easy to use.

Thx a lot! I have a small update coming to click to mirrored parts together.