Nutella cap lock

by Fido Sep 5, 2015
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can you make one for the 400g one the smaller size

I need some diameters (mm) from the jar as we most likely don't have similar sized jars over here.
(neck below the threads, outside the threads and length from top of the threads to the neck).

can you please make one for ketchup..


I made one for you (hope you like hienz) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3831931

Ketchup locker (heinz 1000 gr)

When you gotta lock your nut up

I would like to see a version, that fits an Ovomaltine jar.
I need to get the dimensions of the jar.

This is hilarious.

How secure is it? Not that it matters to the joke, but it looks like you could probably still unscrew the cap by turning the whole printed contraption given the right pressure.

Sure you could rip this apart quite easily unless you cast this from aluminium... vink vink ;)
There is a lip that gets below the last "tooth" and is connected to the glass neck and not the plastic cap.. if i remember correctly and the measurements are correct.
But for a very least you can use this as a seal of a sort..

thanks for that cool model. i printed the family-version and i really looks good. but: it doesnt fit on a 750g-Nutella-jar bought in germany one week ago. The neck of the jar is about 76mm in diameter, so the cap lock is just to small (about 74mm). have that in mind, when you print it in a hurry in europe.

Oh my this gives me ideas. I need to make something like this for mason jars so my husband will stop eating all my son's M&Ms.

Aww you meanie! Are there any beer locking tops I wonder ;-)

I would love to see a customization version of this. I have many different types of jars I would like to use this on to keep roommates and coworkers from helping themselves to. Someone keeps eating my pickled garlic that I get shipped from Japan.

Hehe tough life you have... and that would piss me off too :)
But I agree, a fully parametric and open version of this would be nice and easy. I however don't have any experience with openscad (http://www.openscad.org/) that can do the job.
If someone has skills needed, they are free to convert / design this caplock for that software. After which that design would accommodate all kinds of jars and lids easily.. just input needed dimension and print..


Thank you, I printed it.

Unfortunately 750g version doesn't work for 750g N... Jar in France... It is big enough to enclose the cap, but not enough for the glass...


Sorry to hear that it didn't fit.. :(
I'm now starting to wonder how my diffirent sized jars are there :) If you'll measure and send me the dimensions of the neck width, lid hight and width, I'll modify it to fit your jar.. :)
(I'll add 1-2mm for filament expansion)

Hi FIdo,

The lid diameter is 84.6 mm, height 20 mm.

The neck width is 77 mm.

Thank you !

Custom version with 85x77x20 +1 for filament expansion added. I hope this fits :)

... And it fits pefectly!

I printed it with a layer height of 0.190 to save time, but the result is smoother than with 0.90, particularly on tilted faces.

I'm glad to hear that :)
& I hope your Nutella now stays put :)

I'll print this tonight. Thank you!


Thank you, I printed it.

Unfortunately 750g version doesn't work for 750g N... Jar in France... It is big enough to enclose the cap, but not enough for the glass...

Hi guys, I have design a cap to secure the pin in. The link is below:

Pin cap for Nutella cap lock

Very nice.. Getting your Nutella stolen is no joke..! It happened at my former workplace, if only we would had been able to secure it, a lot of agony and suffering would have been spared.

Oh wow. With 3 highly dexterous chocolate craving toddlers at home this might just work where top shelf storage has failed!

doesnt fit my 750g family sized jar....
its too small...how big is ur jar??
major sad face!!! needs to be just a couple % larger!

I'm sorry to hear that.. I knew while designing this that there are different sized jars and I picked the one that was available. But if you'll post the cap measurements in mm (diameter of the cap, it's height), I'll upload a family sized version here too.. :)

Hey THANKS HEAPS, the height is correct, the diameter is 84mm.

Its the Australian 750g family sized jar (if u want u use that as a file name go ahead!)


No problem. I hope it fits now :)

Thanks mate, will print it and let you know how it goes!

ummm, so printing this, missus goes through nutella like you wouldnt believe!