by cyclone Jul 12, 2011
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It's licenced for commercial use. I think they only have to attribute the designer if they distribute the file? Like my shocker remix of this.

This looks cool! Can anyone tell me if it needs to be printed with supports? Thanks!

It does not need supports

This was okay. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Comments deleted.

Where do you think they got the file? This file was posted in 2011 a year before the Replicator (the printer Wanhao ripped off for their duplicator line) so, this well predates their use of it. Second why are you thinking a company that only makes it's money by ripping off the designs of others would bother to own or attribute anything they use at will. And third, I never said I created the file, it was from a scanning project at University. Posted because it was there and I thought people would find uses for it. It would be nice to acknowledge my remix but not required. It has been used by dozens of 3d printer companies.
I appreciate you policing the Internet but there are better uses for your time.

I apologize, honestly I thought Wanhao created the file so when I saw this I was upset at the possibility of someone trying claim credit by modifying the file a bit and calling it their own. I will delete my initial comment

It's fine. I had tried to recover the originator of the file but as I said we got it during a university project. I believe it came from wuarchive but it went offline long ago and archive.org's cache of the web extension of the FTP server seems incomplete so I can't confirm that.

This is great! Could you please let me know what method did you use to scan the hand? Also, the print came out great and smooth, how did you optimize it (did you use a specific slicer program)? Thanks and appreciate your help.

Could you share the original hand file? I have some gestures I would like to print, which may not be for all audiences. ;)

I use Poser to model hands in whatever position I want. See my tutorial here:


It's actually a scan and not very well suited to rigging in an animation package. The original file is pretty much the same pile of triangles as the STL is.

This and an appropriately scaled head will make a great Prisoner set! "Be seeing you!"

Or "F" in sign language.

I too would love to know how you made this. in fact I'd love a whole sign language alphabet.

Excellent. I'm using it as a calibration model for my Ultimaker. The image I've attached is the just-fixed-the-fan-otherwise-uncalibrated image. Now to see how much better I can make it!

Thanks for Sharing!

"It Stinks!"

-to all you MST3k fans out there.

Heh, I forgot about that MST3K reference. Nice.

Love the design

Took photos of it being created by a Makerbot Cupcake CNC, for a hacker/maker space magazine story I'm writing

Depending on the orientation this gesture can mean OK, money or condom in Japan. Interesting eh?

Hence the disclaimer. I realized after I had printed it that it could also be construed in "un-okay" ways. :)

In Rio the preferred gesture is thumbs up. This one means, err, something else :-[

i need a fist for my extending grabber toy

Ha, great idea. If someone does that, I'll try to adapt it for my version too!

Awesome model, was this a scan? How'd you make it? I really want to get a hand doing the vulcan salute.

I'd like one with the index finger raised. I used a model like that in the center of a "utopian city" 3D model I had to do a few years ago. It looked amazing.