FlashForge Creator Pro 2015 universal spool holder by Nas

by nas7 Sep 6, 2015
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Dude, this is really pretty genius, bro! I absolutely love it!
I would have never thought about the grooves and the downward force holding that cone on there.
Anyway, just wanted to say that I am switching out color spools like a boss now :-D

Thank you poppakap for your comment. I am happy that the design works well for you. As you can see the design is from 2015 and I have never had to print anything else to use as a spool holder as I have been able to use this design for all of my spools since that date.

This... doesn't work at all. The "threaded rod" isn't a continuous thread, it has separate rings. Same goes for the cone part. I'm not sure what I'm missing considering there have been several "makes", but either there's something you all know that I don't, or this model isn't correct.

Well it is not a thread. The design works based on the weight of the spool that produces a lock between the cone and the shaft. The cone diameter is larger than the shaft. When the cone is pushed downwards it locks into one of the slots of the shaft at the position you set and it will freely rotate at that position. A threaded design won’t work for this. Try it and let us know If it worked for you.

Thanks Guy, I'm looking for this item long time ago!

Are these is the correct orientation or do I need to rotate them before printing? I guess I need to include supports?

Hi. It is weird that the instructions that I included in this design don't appear anymore. I will update them. The main mount cylinder has to be printed on its side (as it is positioned in the photo with the wood background) with supports and the cone printed with its longer diameter towards the print table. I used 30% infill and three perimeters to be sure it will be solid.

Thanks, do you use supports for the cones?

Good question. I didn't, but the cone internal threads need to be straight and parallel for the best mesh. Some of the persons that reported their prints used supports and other didn't and almost all of them reported success. Check the comments and parameters they have used in each of the "Made" reports for this design. I think it will depend on the plastic quality, temperature and speed to get it right without support. However if you use support and define them so small that the supports are created inside the threads you will have problems trying to get them all out. My recommendation will be not to use supports or to define supports that are easy to get out (only to provide support at the center of the hole for instance). My cones printed at the first attempt and they didn't have issues meshing. Please let me know your experience and please post your print and comments so that others can benefit with your test.

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I printed this on a Flashforge Creator Pro using the recommended settings. The threads inside the cone didn't come out very well - it does not thread onto the other piece properly. Nevertheless, it stays in place (perhaps a little too well) and the spool holder itself printed flawlessly, so I'll be using it as-is for now.

Thanks for sharing this!

It is difficult to know what is the problem in your case. In my tests, the threads fit nicely. Maybe different kind of filaments? (I did mine with ABS). You could try to print the cone with support generation, so that the threads won't deform inside (although it will be probably difficult to remove the supports) or try to change the print parameters (speed maybe?) to get the inside threads right. The tolerance is tight for the fit to get the most surface for support. Please let me know if you print additional tests and solve the issue. I could try to modify the design to allow for more tolerance.

I've printed a few of these (I have two creator pro's) and they work great. But I have one spool of filament that is bigger than the 51mm on the large end of the cone. Any chance you could make the large end bigger?

Yes I should be able to modify it and create a new additional version for larger diameter spools. I would rather just increment the larger diameter of the cone than to try to make it higher as it would probably require a longer support cylinder, which I think is already too large. What will happen is that this new cone will have a more step inclination than the original but it would serve its purpose for you and others with larger diameter filaments. Could you please let me know the diameter of that filament? I will make the cone a couple of millimeters larger than the specified for the stop (maybe 10 mm larger).

Thanks. I checked, and it looks like the largest diameter I have is about 57mm. The cylinder seems long enough to handle a longer cone, but I think it would work just as well the way you propose. Whatever you decide. Thanks again!

Hi. I just added a 67 mm larger closing cone to the Thing Files. Please check it, test it and let me know if it worked for you.

Printing it out now; I'll let you know how it comes out.

Thanks for sharing your design. Works great!

Thanks for the thing ! What is you print instructions for the washer?

Hi. I used the same 20% infill as the cone and the larger diameter to the table but used supports. Please let me know if this worked for you. Thanks for trying it.

Thanks ! Just finished to print: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:188604
Time to try :)

FlashForge Creator Pro 2015 universal spool holder by Nas
by abuzed

Works really properly !
Thank you for this thing @nas7

Excellent! If you have any suggestion to improve the design please let me know.

Hi great design thank you, would this work for the FF Dreamer ? Also do you have other files I would like to modify it a bit. Thanks so much

Hello and thank you very much for your comment. My design won't work as far as I know with the Dreamer, as it has a totally different holder. Besides, my design has a long tube to support very wide spools which I think won't fit inside the Dreamer even with a holder designed for it. There are several designs here in Thingiverse for the Dreamer internally, you will realize that they have to be small. The alternative is to use an external filament holder, which you will find a large number of designs in the site and I am sure one will fit you for larger wide spools.

thanks do you have Stl file ?

All the STL files are in the "Thing Files" section of this Thing. There are three: one for the holder, one for the closing cone and one for the optional washer.

sorry i meant stp file

Sorry no. The design was made by programming with OpenSCAD and the output is STL only.

I printed this design, and could not get the spool holder to fit in my Creator Pro. It was much thinker than the original holders. not sure what I did wrong. Anyone else have an issue with this?

Hello mfazio_science. The spool holder slot width was designed for 50 mm (so is the STL file: you can measure it on the STL file with a 3D software). The slot on my FlashForge Creator Pro is 50.59 mm wide. My original spool holders from FlashForge are 50.17 mm wide. My printed design is 49.91 mm wide (i.e. a 0.09 mm error only). So they all should fit.

Please measure your printed spool holder slot width and compare it with the designed width of 50 mm and check for differences (you may also compare the size by superposing it with your original FlashForge spool holder. They should match in size). If your print is longer than 50.2 mm you should have to calibrate your software to print in the right dimensions. Each software has a different procedure so I won't be able to help you there. You could also have set a wider extrusion width or other print parameters that modify the precision and exceed the 0.4 mm resolution error of the design. I however think that the problem is calibration.

Printed a second holder. Had problems with fit, until I tried a different Creator Pro (I have two in my classroom). It fit perfectly fine in the second one. In investigating the first slot, it seems the slots are not cut exactly the same. The error seems to be the three layers material that make up the slot, they do not line up quite right. So it was on my end just a slight difference in build quality of the machine itself. I should also say the stock holder fit most likely because it is slightly more flexible than the printed one, so the slight difference in alignment of the sheets of material didn't matter.

Thanks for the comment as this could be an issue for this design if the slots are not made exactly the same. Would you able to measure all of your slots widths with a vernier and let me know the exact differences? I could make the base like 49 mm or less which I assume shouldn't affect the holder support and make everybody happy with the design.

Thank you so much for this! Worked perfect for ninjaflex spool.

OK, thats clever. Good job on that design!

Printed it out. Seems to work just fine, .02 mm layer height at 30% infill. Awesome design, Thanks!

I printed out a set with a FF Creator Pro and the ABS that shipped with it. My spool holder is at .02 mm and 50% infill with raft and support. My cross section changed from circular at the end closes to the bracket (base) to more of a gumdrop shape near the end. The transition seemed to start right where the threads started. The machine is fairly new and this is my first failure of this type with it. Thoughts?

Hello Jim. Without looking out the result is difficult to assess the reason but I think, based on your description, that it could be that you don't have enough support for a circular (elevated) section or your temperature is too high for the material.

Thanks for the quick reply! I used standard RepG Skeinforge supports. Maybe I will try again with Cura.

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Thank you for your comment. I am happy it worked for you.