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by jkurstin22 Sep 7, 2015
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Any chance you could make the 400 E randolph building? its right in between harbor point and park tower its the only one missing there and its where i live. i would like to print it but its not there. if possible thanks.

what is the square for? On thingiverse it doesn't show up, but for my files it did

I'm not sure what square you're talking about. The spires for some of the buildings are separate, but I think they're round. Is it just a flat square?

Very cool! I've been thinking about doing something similar with Nashville!

Hey great work! I have a request, since you've clearly mapped out these buildings' orientations in your full skyline picture, would it be feasible for you to provide an all in one print with a flat base connecting them all?

Obviously it'd be much too big for one print, but I'd love to slice them as necessary so that they are spaced and oriented correctly. Thanks!

Please add River City (not to be confused by it's older by the same architect Marina City)

Also, the old Post Office that goes over the highway would be cool.

I would suggest adding "the Bean" but in this scale it would be way small.

Finally, the Museum Campus would be fun and Don't forget about Navy Pier. :)

Very cool project.

Thanks for the ideas! I tried River City once but actually had a hard time getting correct dimensions. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

Not sure if you are still working on things, but adding Wrigley Field would be nice!

I plan on making this project a long term thing. Thanks for your effort so far.


I noticed 150 North Riverside is not to the same scale? Is there an updated version of just this tower that is to 3048 scale?


Sorry for the delay. I uploaded it again to make sure it was the right dimensions, but let me know if it's still off.

Sorry for the delay. I uploaded it again to make sure it was the right dimensions, but let me know if it's still off.

Sorry for the delay. I uploaded it again to make sure it was the right dimensions, but let me know if it's still off.

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Sorry for the delay. I uploaded it again to make sure it was the right dimensions, but let me know if it's still off.

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This is great - we could use this as part of a school project - any idea how long it would take to make all buildings? Or how much PLA is used for all? We may have a Polar 3D printer soon...and possibly another type of printer to test too. Would want to plan accordingly for time/supplies :)

They ranged from about half an hour to about 2 hours each, with most being about 1. The entire city took about 2/3 of a spool.

Hey, this is awesome. I have printed a scale map and am placing the buildings. I think that Franklin is actually the AT&T building. Nice work!

That is an amazing idea. I'm going to do that, too. Thanks!

What I had to do was go to google earth, screenshot sections, stitch them together, scale them, and print on a huge printer. It worked out well. You can find it on my page. Unfortunately, I spilled something on my laptop and lost the map image :(

This puts me in mind of the Dresden files.

So glad I'm not the only one who thought that. Now we just need a nice skull to place next to it.

Needs a "grasshopper" complaining about not getting to do the fun stuff too.

True, too true. Makes me even more anxious for the next book to come out.

Wow!!! Amazing! But sad my favourite 'Corn on the Cob' isn't here :(...

It is! The Marina Towers are in the back, maybe a little hard to see in the picture.

I see a Harry Dresden fan making little Chicago with this.

Comments deleted.

should have entered this in SEE THE WORLD challenge

Wow!! This is truly amazing, I LOVE how miniature cities look, a single building can't be compared to the whole surrounding structures together. What made you decide to take the time to do them all?

I like how you simplified the volumes to optimize the models for 3D printing, good job!

I love Chicago architecture. It was a fun hobby to do over the summer, design a building every day or two and print them at the end of the week.

These are impressive. How did you get the dimensions correct?

The heights are available on wikipedia, and the lengths and widths can be measured on google maps. To determine the heights at various levels I found photos from the side of a building then measured and did a ratio calculation. High school geometry!

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Great work! This is absolutely amazing!!!!!!

Awesome!!!!!! I live Chicago. Time to print.

Excellent project! It would be nice to have a single layout with groups of building ready to so a person can make one big print instead of dealing with the layout each time. I find so many projects on here have multiple parts to download and place each time. Not hard, but tiresome on big part sets.

I have to add my building to the collection!

Cool, definitely! What's your building?

Holy Crap! It's there! THANKS!!!!

Now, to print the entire skyline view, and put the Great Old One Cthulhu rising from the Lake! MWAHAHAHA!

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