Mini 3D printed Lathe

by Branez Sep 7, 2015
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Can someone till me exactly which parts to print and what hardware i need. Thanks!

This site is Thinkiverse and not Instructables.

Everything has to be printed is at one place and no problem to found it::


I do not know where is the problem to find it.

Mini 3D printed Lathe
by Branez

But you put this thing up. I think it is just fair for him to ask what needs to be printed. If you don't want other people to print it, why bother uploading it in the first place?

To be fair to Branez, He did a wonderful job in designing this. A lot of people share their work in this site but it doesn't mean it comes with a tutorial on how to make it.

Just sayin..

Hello Hazim!
No, I have nothing more than published here. I also have no lathe, because at that time it was a gift to someone who went to retirement. Now it's somewhere in Italy, where I do not even know.

I'm sorry!

hello your job is soo good and i like it . do you have an assembly video ? or something have more details . and thanks for your effort and this great idea

Well, that's just cool!

Congratulations you did a really good job with this project, kindly you could update with the missing files? Even if they are not definitive but enough to be able to complete your good work, thank you I would be grateful.

are you still checking thecomments for this build i need the files for the motor sides and back please

great model tyy for letting everyone use you design one question tho, can you put the file for the rest of the motor enclosure the front and back pieces and the sides up? those are the only four pieces still needed to finish. ive got it all printed, sanded, smoothed and almost assembled so as soon as you can get them up i can finish asembly, and mark made it with some pics. i did it all in petg and looks awesome. thank you again.

Are you still working on this?

No, I don't

WOW what kind of Amazing Design. Im still printing it now!

I ordered all needed parts at the Banggood Sale and was luckly to get up to 11% Discount on Sale:


Thank you!

I really fancy making this but need sme guidance about the motor. What output speed and what torque would you suggest, ore can you suggest a current motor from (say) ebay

I've already written down here:

Something like this:
Type: TE - 35 QG - 24 - 20

Source unknown, somewhere from an machine from junkyard.

I have tried your link but it is no longer obtainable and the photo of the motor does not give much of a clue. Can you advise me as to what you would recommend for the power of the motor (Watts), supply voltage and output speed. Thanks

Hello this is a realy nice print i started just a few days ago , but there are some questiions in my mind .
Are you able to make a list of all components you bought and how much i need from each printed part for the assambly ?
Thank you very much!

Best regards,

How is the lathe powered?

Something like this:
Type: TE - 35 QG - 24 - 20

Source unknown, somewhere from an machine from junkyard.

super, naslednji projekt! :)

cuanto material se gasto ? y es funcional ?

El material es PLA. La máquina es completamente funcional, pero no para el procesamiento de metales,.

(traducido con Google traductor.)

So is the able to make lead screws and screws well? Im a noob to lathes. So I don't know what I would need to do such a thing.

Lead screw is a simple threaded rod M6 cut to the required length. Other screws and what still needs you get in a local hardware store.

So is the able to make lead screws and screws well? Im a noob to lathes. So I don't know what I would need to do such a thing.

I had to create an account to be able to write comments.
Wow! This is amazing! Huge respect! I can't even imagine amount of work behind this project. It is definitely going on my to do list.

I am a retired and I have a lot of time! (I do not know how much time have left so I hurry as many to do) :)

I just want to say, I love your avatar. It's subtle, but easily noticeable if you know what you're looking at.

wow, that's a great job, which I definitely will print in my own design 3d printer. thanks

Dear Mr. Banez,

Thank you for your fabolous work!
Unfortunately in I can not find a component of this Lathe.
This component is the "face-threated disc" which makes the 3 jaws moves.
If its possible, please send me the STL.file of this. (The lathe jig is blue and its diameter is 76mm )

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Thanks for the notice!

I added as: "Worm-jaw.stl"

Sorry, I lost control over what is and is not loaded.

Comments deleted.


I like this "machine" :) . Respect!!

What is the current status? Is there already an instruction manual? I do not want to rush, but I find the device very nice :) and want to build it soon.

Thank you

I worked this for fun and it get finally the man who went to a pension.

The instructions I dont wrote, because it is too complex project and is not for beginners.You should try to make with your knowledge experience.

Thanks. I will try my best ^^

I want to try lost PLA casting if it works out this is the perfect project for me!

Qué pieza perdida?

Hey. Awesome project bout 1/4 through. Have you any more pics of completed or partially completed? Also what model did you use for your spiral? I used bobwombles at his size and resizing down to your size is not winning for me. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Matt.

Lathe is no longer by me. It got a man who has been retired as a gift, So I can not make more pictures. But it is a project that needs some experience and inventiveness. I was working more as the challenge what can I do with my 3D printer.

Chuck and all other parts are made from PLA. After printing are carefully treated with a file and sandpaper.

Nice, Ive been working on a lathe for some time, Which is why I designed the chuck you are using, I hope you are happy with it.
I would much appreciate a mention for my work on your "thing details".
In the mean time keep up the good work.
Cheers, bobwomble.

I am sorry!
I forgot this to write, because I did not think at all to publish it.
All done, thanks for the notice!

What motor is this designed to run with?

For my motor I do not know the source, But you can take a motor of accu drill. Change is only necessary at carriage of motor (Nosilec_motor_zadaj.stl).

In the kit of parts is only one reverse jaw - number 1. Can you join the others? Regards :)

Thank you for your notice, I added the two missing.

Hello, I printed the lathe ;) I'm confused inside of the turning head parts. I assambled them but the jaws can't move. Thanks for share:)

Try to treat with the file and sand paper. Lubricate with the hand cream.
What kind of material you use for print it? I did it with the PLA filament.

Thank you for your answer. I did it with PLA. I think in your file list the scroll is missing. I downloaded that file from another member. Now it is ok. It is working fine. Can you put forth the assembling directions of the x and y plates? Am I wanting too much things? Thanks a lot for your help again.;)

I think it is not so difficult to assemble, that could be necessary to write instructions for assembly. My ten year old grandson has itself assembled together. Perhaps because he is playing much with Lego briks. :)

I forgat to say my age, unfortunately I'm 7 years old. Maybe because of this I couldn't assambled your difficult masterwork. I'm going to primary school. We're not playing with old fashioned things like lego. With my friends we're building makerblock robots. Sorry for your too many missing part masterwork. ;)

Which motor is the lathe designed for?

HINT: lost pla casting.

looks amazing! thanks for share.. hope one day have time to buid my one :)

Comments deleted.

There are missing pieces

Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

I'll add when I print out the newer versions. Observe what is going on. Be patient!

It's a great project. Impatience is expected in this cases. Keep up the good work!

Can you publish the files you have.. it would be nice to put it together ... do you have a bill of materials for the additional hardware?

looks neat so far. makes me want to print one. just for fun

It appears to be surprisingly detailed.
I will test to see if it's as practical in small parts, as appears to be.