Johnybee180 FPV Quadcopter

by janmittner Sep 8, 2015
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What power distribution board did you use?

same experience here... it starts to print good so i leave it overnight.. comeback to it in the morning..messed up and stringy all over the place. I think it prints good just before it reaches the part of the horizontal bar thingies for rigidness.. this is where the printer Y axis seems to shift and from there it prints with a different Y (and sometimes Z) offset. I tried printing this 4 times now and everytime it just fails.

I used my printer to print a tall object and it doesn't fail.. so its not my printer.

Well, I'm pretty sure that it is not a problem in the model itself. I guess that it goes off the way because the hotend touches the printed part and the stepper motor doesn't have enough power to move it. Either try to increase current in Y stepper motor or set higher Z home or reduce the amount of extruded filament.

My printer is struggling to get through the entire base plate. Would it be possible to get the design files or have a copy that has the arms separate and squashed between two bottom plates like the ZMR180? This is one of the only good 180 frames on here but like i said i just cannot get through the entire base plate without my printer going off track.

Hi! How large is your printing area? I can try to modify the design so you can print it. I'm afraid that making it "two plates with separate arms" is completely different construction and I'm probably not going to modify this design that way (but I will think about that).

Thanks for responding! I have an 8" print bed so it fits already but i think because it is a long print it gets to about 30% (quite a few layers high) but then goes off track and prints all over the place. I might try again today and take photos (may post to reddit also to see if its my printer) i have no problems printing smaller jobs tho.

What happens before it goes off track? I guess your hotend touches the printed part while rapid movements and the stepper motor fails to do the correct movement. If so, try to set higher power at motor drivers. This is quite small object and it should really be printable without major issues.

P.S i have tried to print this 3 times and everytime it goes off track at around the same time.