Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Bodgie the Little Quadrocopter

by brucedjones Jul 14, 2011
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"He's our friend, our little hero. Bodgie and friends are always working hard together."

So what was the total cost of this project? Also are 3d printed props feasable?

All the electronics on board I'd estimate
£180, then there's the added cost of the transmitter (£50) and battery charger (£40). So far I've printed the revision 1 frame with 180mm motor to motor distance which came out at about 200g (roughly £7 + machine time).

3d printed props would be amazing, but I doubt its possible to do well with
out support. It's also quite dangerous.

May I ask what motors you are using?

They are Blue Wonder Motors from http://giantcod.co.ukgiantcod.co.uk.

I have the 1300kv for 6-7" props and the 3000kv version for 4-5" props. These are the cheapest motors I've found, there are plenty of better (more expensive) options available.

Here's a great source for super cheap RC stuff: http://www.hobbyking.comhttp://www.hobbyking.com

Shipping takes about a month, but the cheapness makes up for that. They have tons of motors.

All rights reserved? Could you change it to an open source license please?

I'm not really familiar with the different licenses, which is why I left it at the default. I'm happy for anyone to pick this up and modify/reuse this, maybe you could suggest a suitable license?

An easy way to find a license is just to pick one from here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/http://creativecommons.org/lic...

That makes it simple and easy.

Nice choice! Thanks for changing the license!

You have done what I have always wanted! Make it possible to print an army of drones with my makerbot! This is a grand achievement indeed. Congrats!

This is awsome, do you think you could include more info about tue electronics for us quadrocopter newbs?

Spell it all out with links to the exact parts you used for "special" makers like me, please :-D

I posted this quite late and forget, will get that info on here for you later today.

guest was me btw, forgot to log in :)

I have added a little bit of information with regard to the electronics, see "Electronics Supplemental". I had wanted to spell it out, but the choice is really quite large depending on your budget and location. Instead I have given some links, which along with those given by AnthongRedbeard, should have all the advice you need.