Belt tensioner

by Misguided Jul 15, 2011
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works like a charm on my GT2 belt (10mm wide) I did a set of 5, scaled progressively from 100% to 150% then tried them until i increased tension enough

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Does this get in the way of the extruder moving all the way to the side?

So great! Just so people know one way it'll catch on the frame, flip it and your golden.

Mine would catch on the frame..I just flipped it over and it was fine.

Work great on my Velleman Vertex k8400! Took 11 min to print, totally worth it!

Works fine on the Velleman Vertex (K8400).

The simpler the better. Does the job perfectly!

WOW. This saved my printer. My printer would print fine on simple blocks and straight things, but whenever I tried to print something more complicated it would shift layers really bad. I tried to tighten my belts but I just couldn't get them any tighter. I printed this and put it on my Y belt and It fixed immediately.
Thanks so much for thinking of this! It saved me a lot of frustration.

HICTOP Prusa i3

No-Go in the latest Ultimaker revision...  (november 2012)

You have to max out an axis and place it on the opposite end bud, otherwise it will hit. It works on Ultimaker 1 and 2, as well as Grid2 and Replicator 1 and 2.

Did 4 of them some week ago, no problem!

I printed 4 of these for my ultimaker, and I ran into a problem. The new style slider blocks are so large that they hit these belt tensioners. So I had to take them out again.

You could try to shorten the tentioners down a bit, thus making them shorter. That should work

That's a shame. How much clearance is there between the belt and the blocks?

I'll take a measurement later, but it depends on the X or the Y belts. I think the Y belts worked, while the left X belt hit the tensioner. It only scraped the corner, but enough to make the motor skip steps. (And with a loud enough noise for me to abort the print that instance)

I'll see if I can take a photo of the problem.

Forgot to take a photo, but there is like 2mm of clearance at max at the problem belt. It's the left belt for me that causes these problems. (if you look at the machine from the front)

I'm assuming that the problem should manifest on the right belt as well?

But 2mm isn't much room to play with... I'll have a think/play and see if I can come up with something.

My circles came out a bit oval the other day, having checked every other option the belt tention was the only thing I could fix. I tried fitting these again, and you can fit them, but you need to have them the other way around then the photo for the Y belts.

With that new position, is there still the issue with the tensioners hitting the new sliding blocks?

As long as the tensioners are placed with the middle post on the side of the belt facing the block I have room to spare, even on the Y axis.