10-hook mechanical punch card reader

by chris Jun 9, 2013
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Thank you
But not well rotation
I want to install the gear in the 【3-bit_Mechanical_Punch_Card_Reader】 way
With the groove of the screw head to the 【drive_wheel_axle_A】 parts
Nice to meet you
And can not English
I'm sorry
Thank you google teacher

Might this be missing the large gear?

This is amazing Chris! While I was doodling ideas for a mechanical loom (which is as far as I've had time to get!) I was contemplating how it might be simpler to have cards that had protrusions rather than holes. The protrusions could theoretically directly drive levers. The cards wouldn't stack neatly, but you might be able to devise a mechanism that was simpler than the original Jacquard mechanism.

That idea works fine - it is typically used in 'dobby looms', and would probably scale down fairly well. My main difficulty when I tried to build a tiny mechanical loom was getting a tiny flying shuttle to work.

Please elaborate on the nature of the difficulty. Too little weight to travel effectively? Maybe incorporate a solenoid to kick it back and forth in combination with some smallish rare earth magnets?