Female Knight (multiple poses)

by stockto Sep 12, 2015
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Love the model, it is hard to find models with so many poses! Might I request a variation with a shield? My player has been looking for a good model with a shield of some sort, and your model is spectacular In almost every regard for the character.

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and you primete before painting?

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These are great! I'm gonna print one this weekend.
I would love to see one with a shield. Perhaps a pose with sword/shield up,

What Kind of printer, filament, settings, etc did you use? I tried my hand at printing miniatures when I first got my printer and never had great results. Your model looks absolutely awesome!

Very nice! I am an aspiring modeler who could use a few tips and tricks to make my own models like this- such as how do you get it so detailed? And how do you pose models?

cute i neeeeeeed one! xD

I love this model and the one with her cat and other poses. I am painting this one now. I wish I could model like this.

what paints do you use?

Those 99 cent acrylic paints you can get at craftsy stores. Then I spray it with some acrylic lacquer I got from AutoZone - gives it a nice shiny finish.

I was wondering how long it takes you to model one of these. This is really great work and I want a reference on how long it takes to make something like this in blender. I have used other cad for engineering and historical modeling but not for artistic purposes.

Hi Benjamin,

I wasn't keeping track, but my guess is that this took me around 8 hours in Blender. I've heard Sculptris is a good tool for making models like this if you're up for trying something new.

Thanks for the info. I am going to look at the tutorials you linked in the comments below. Thanks again!

A friend I game with has requested a mini for her character that is almost IDENTICAL to this character in regard to fashion. Only change is that she is a tiefling sorceress. Could you add a sorceress post that I could clip some horns and a tail onto?

Even changing the "Sword ready" model into something with a staff instead could work!

Hi Sean, thanks for the vote of approval. Glad you like the models. :)

These models were all done in Blender with about 6 months of 'every so often' experience. Modeling seems intimidating at first but you can pick it up really fast.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y__uzGKmxt8 is a great tutorial to introduce you to beginning blender concepts.
And https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiIoWrOlIRw is the series that I followed to learn character modeling and rigging (attaching a skeleton to a model and then posing it). It's a really good one.

Good luck! I'll look forward to seeing what you make.

Thank you for getting back to me so soon, and for the advice. The first time I opened blender my first thought was "there is no way this is in English." After watching the tutorial I feel like I can spot a few words in English lol. Thanks again!!!

Hey, I really like your work and I am really new to this whole 3d printing thing. I want to try my hand at modeling, and well your model is what I ideally want to make. I mean detail level, and multiple poses, I am just not sure where to start. would you mind letting me know what program you used to make this? Thanks !!

Would you be able to slightly tweak the standing relaxed with sword to have the sword not in the ground? Like angling it up a little bit. I want to try putting it on a another base and a sword going into cobblestones would just look, well odd... (Which also means make it without a base if possible?) Thank you very much if you do so, I've been a long term D&D nerd and I have just gotten my first printer so I'm putting it through it's paces.

Thanks Lina! I'm glad you like the models.

chdd, here are a couple of different prayer poses for you. Enjoy!

This is a great model had trouble printing the leaning on a sword one on a lulzbot but the others look great!! Thank you

Cheers Mate!

I also wonder if a "Kneel in prayer" pose is also possible?

HammerHead - unfortunately there's no good 'halfway' line down the middle of the models, meaning that any way you split these models they will need supports.

chdd - Seductive isn't my style but here's a sassy arms-crossed pose!

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Hey Andrew! It looks great! Could you split it in half so it can be printed without supports? Like this would be great http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:974177.

Dominion Task Force (28mm scale)