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by 3E8 Sep 13, 2015
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is it possible to get a smaller version of this? I still want the 6 holes, but I want it at pendent size so I guess it would be a soprano ocarina? Not a musician so I have no idea what I'm talking about :P Is it possible to just scale it down maybe?

nupulse made a pendant size remix:

Tiny Ocarina Keychain with name
by nupulse

Thank you, but sadly that is a 4-hole ocarina.

I see what you mean. Tellya what... here's a mini version JUST FOR YOU!! (sheesh)



Mini 6 Hole Ocarina
by 3E8

Thank you very much :D will give this a go right away :)

Printed this last night for my son and he loves it. Plays well and it needs no support. Prints perfectly. However I would like to see a better mouth piece.

Excellent. Printed well. Plays well as an ocarina. Lightweight alternative to a clay made ocarina.

I did an Ocarina a few years ago and found that the porosity of the printed material can make a huge difference. Painting or clear coating will seal it and make it less breathy. Also, if you are a stickler for tuning, make the holes a bit undersize and use cell phone tuning app and to find the right size a bit at a time. What is the key on this design?

Thanks for the info... I have recently found that applying some kind of acetone treatment definitely helps as it smooths out and seals all the surfaces.

This 6-hole ocarina was modeled after the TNG 6 Alto C Ocarina that you can buy on Amazon for about 11 bucks:


Of course, I didn't really hit my mark tuning it in; but at least you have a working instrument. The 4-hole Ocarina is much more on the mark (and, yes, I did use an app on my iPhone to tune it to nigh-perfection):


Easy Print 4-Hole Ocarina
by 3E8

I printed this, but it didn't work. I am greatly disspointed

Hey! Can you share a pic? Perhaps we can diagnose... do you think you might be printing too hot? Did the fan not turn on? Y'know, sometimes it doesn't work for me if the filament has been sitting around too long and dehydrated. There's a host of reasons it may not work - at least, what does the tone hole look like? Flat or pointed on the bottom edge?

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Thanks! I did print one but the loudest solund is very weak. The rest is ok, but with all the holes covered i cannot get a good sound.

At the time I designed this, I relied on a lot of empirical data to dial it in; because of this, the final outcome is very pretty but perfectly suited to a Wanhao Duplicator 4.

I have since designed a more robust ocarina that works with a larger range of printers: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1184228

If you decide to print it, let me know if that works out. Thanks for commenting!

Easy Print 4-Hole Ocarina
by 3E8

As an owner of an ocarina, I can tell you that this plays very well.

WTF i was really scared when i blew in the first time because this thing is so loud :O
Thank you for the design, i am going to have much fun with this!

My GOODNESS this is loud. I didn't expect that!

Well my office-mates, as well as all library patrons, are going to LOVE this for the next three months until I get bored and print another musical instrument. Thanks for the wonderful design!

AWESOME!! Gonna print and learn to cover AC/DC and Damned songs with it!

It works great except I can't play high notes, do you know why this is?

Experience will vary based on material used and print conditions. For example, a .1mm resolution printer would probably generate a better sound than .27mm resolution print. That's my best guess. :)

Took two tries to print this fella, the fault was my printer, so nothing to worry ya and such. Second one had a bit of a gap, it played but not well, right after I filled in that gap with some scrap PLA and the handy-dandy wood burner, the Ocarina plays nicely. Although, I've noticed like a few people, that the smaller hole sounds off at times.

can you make a case for this ocarina

do you know any websites so i can learn some tunes for this ocarina i cant modify one for the other version of ocarina

Here's a simple little 'game' I made to train yourself how to recognize tones:


... but I don't know of any website in particular that'll teach you. I just download sheet music on google images and play along. Enjoy!

Looks like that App no longer functions...at least according to most reviews.

Yes, I think you're right. And... I no longer have the software that I used to create it in the first place. What a pity!! :(

i dont have a camera but it plays beautifully

i am going to make this im printing it this evening

Be sure to take a pic and share!

how long should this take to print

On my current printer settings of 45mm/s feedrate and 10% infill and .27 layer height, it takes about 4.5 hrs.

Hahaha great. It made my think of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_mBCHPFMM4

OMG... I just clicked on this link and about died laughing! Good one!

I printed one but I can't get it to sound. I think I may need to file down part of it, but I'm not certain.

Make sure the tone hole is clear and don't blow too hard. Also, start with covering all the six other holes

Could you send us a picture?

This looks great. I haven't printed one yet, but I plan to. Based only on the videos here, I don't know if the way you finger the holes determines how "on" the pitch is, but the scale, according to how you played it, sounds a little flat in the higher notes. So the scale and Ballgame song are both a little out of tune. Not trying to be nit-picky here, but I have a music background and care about pitch and tone.

On that note, this ocarina has a really nice tone. I'm wondering if having slightly thicker walls would deepen the tone (not lower the pitch, though). Any thoughts on that?

Anyway, great design. I can't want to print it when I get my 3D printer (on December 25th). :-)


I have no formal music background so I kind of did my best to match the tune by ear - and my fingering is quite sloppy in the vids. I graphed out what this sounds like at each note and compared it to a couple others (like my smaller one for smaller fingers) in one of the images posted here:


So, yes, frequency-wise, my smaller one is going to be a bit more accurate, but both outputs still deviate further from ideal the higher the attempted note.

I attempted to print it with 100% density but for some reason my Wanhao Duplicator4 doesn't like keeping dense objects on the build plate after 20 or so layers.... quite frustrating. So I just stick with 10% infill until I figure out what to do about it... maybe move back to blue painter's tape or something.

Congrats in advance for getting a 3D printer! If you print this, PLEASE post a pic and maybe even a vid with the sound yours makes... especially if you try a different density setting other than 10% :)

Small 5-hole Ocarina for kids
by 3E8

Thanks for the info. I'm definitely going to print it. And off key or not, I'm going to have some fun playing around with it. :-) If I make any changes, I'll be sure to keep you posted if I have any success. Cheers!

How does this scale? I just printed a normal size one, posted a pic of it. Prints very well, nice and quick, no supports. Currently printing a 2x version.

I'm probably too late to mention this, but it just occurred to me that the largest hole on this thing at regular size has a diameter of 10mm so if you go up to 2x, it'll be 20mm. I don't think anyone's finger would be large enough to cover that hole. Plus, the tone hole would probably reach a point that it would take too much air (breath) to activate a sound out of it (other than whooshing).

Sorry not to think of this earlier... just got excited at the thought of a monster-sized ocarina out there in the world I suppose. Hopefully you abandoned the idea before it came to fruition.

My experiments show that it pretty much will play at any scale and the pitch goes up/down linearly. So if you want a deeper sounding version, just 2x it like what you're doing. I'd love to hear how it sounds once you're done!

Since it is linear tone to scale, then that would mean half scale would be 1 octave up, right?
Just wondering if the small holes would react better or worse.

Hmmm... one wonders; there's also the aspect of wall density and whatnot. I haven't experimented with this for some time...

This is incredible! I printed with no supports and it plays amazingly. This is the first ocarina I have 3D printed that actually works. If it works on my horrible 3D printer it should work on any.

Going to print this at lunch

Cool! Be sure to post a pic once it's done!

I have always printed it without supports. Have fun!