Magic Faucet

by 3DPrinterNinja Sep 13, 2015
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Where the Faucet_Tab fits?

This is going on my fish tank
So cool

I want to print a 50cm tall faucet. Is it possible to upload a file with more facets please ?

Hi Alan,
I can't really say if you need to rotate them because I don't know how your slicer will pull them in. The parts can be printed with out support if you put the flat side down. Looking at the way the STL's are illustrated above, the face to the right is the bottom for printing on all of them.


Do I need to rotate any of the STL files so that I can print them, should I add supports in my slicer program or will they print 'as-is'?
Thank you - this looks like fun!


EDIT: I have rotated each part by 90degrees about the X Axis and sliced from there. I'm a bit worried about the handles falling over as the print builds and so have put two of them on a raft along with the TAB piece. About to start the print :-)

EDIT 2: After printing the parts for this thing, I can offer the following advice ......
You need two handle parts - I tried printing these with the flat end sitting on the print bed but they were both doing a lot of wobbling around towards the top third of the print and although I got decent results after some sanding and filing, I tried again with the handles as presented via the download link. I got better results with my second attempt but sliced using supports which had to be removed once the handles had been printed. (Infill was my standard 20%)
FaucetBase: When the original file is rotated 90degrees about the X axis everything is fine and dandy until the curve of the faucet starts to take shape. I reprinted this piece using full support and an infill of 15%. (There was a lot of support material needed for this piece and I suspect I would have needed less if I had printed it without rotating the STL through 90 degrees - that is, printed using the supplied STL + support).
Other faucet parts print without support once rotated 90degrees about the x-axis.
Water/splash: I have used the remix file for my water splash and have combined the two STL files which have been provided.

is it balanced enough to stand on its own? or does it need to rest against something/be glued down?

It stands on it's own. Honestly I didn't think it would when I first printed it. I thought I would try it like that and then adjust the puddle if needed, but it worked fine. The fit between the faucet the water is a little loose so you have to put some glue there.

Thank you very much!! Looks fantastic and fun.