Action Figure Girl - Posable!

by Kintall Sep 14, 2015
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wow, hermoso trabajo

WOW... hermoso trabajo

Have been playing with a small build plate 3D printer. Have printed many things. Your "modelling" video is the most educational thing I have encountered so far. Designing/modeling software seems like sorcery to me. Thank you cannot wait to print

cool, hope you have luck with it!

Too small, was a spec on the build plate. Needs to be scaled up a LOT.

Hi. May l have the permission to post my print, as well as split-up parts .stl files from your original .STL in Thingiverse?

you can post your print, that's fine, but why do you need to post the STL files?

The STL are files of individual parts, split using MeshMixer. Though some details might be loss but it still maintain 99% of the actual. The dimension of each individual parts will also still be the same as the original.

okay, well that would I guess be a remix , which is fine.

I guess make sure you tag it and everything as a remix when you post it and that would be fine.

Yes l actually uses the Remix function from your original page to post. It will be tag and stated as a remix. Thanks for the permission and a very nice Action Girl Model.

how will i know where the joints go?

if they fit, then there,
if not, then somewhere else

makes sense lol i made the doll but my printer leaves too thick outter lines and when i place one node with the other they interlock and when i try to turn it it breaks im kind of a noob to fine tuning so once ive got it figured out ill be posting it up

Good luck man, I'm in the same boat.

Modelling I can do but printing is a completely independent skillset

This is really awesome! mind if i replace its head with other character i like?

only if you are ok with it.

yeah man, go as mad as you can.

I only ask that you blow my mind

theres too many gosh diddly darn polygons! got a lower poly version?

I do not and if you know how then that makes one of us

Hello! Excellent model have turned out! Several times it tried to print, but some details of tears. Could you lay out a model of the individual parts, so that you can print just do not printed. Thank you

I have no doubt that's possible, but I have no idea how to do it.

sculpting I can do, model-polygon-edity-stuff, no real clue

I might print this from the library just for fun. May I ask what program did you use to sculpt the figure?

All sculpted in Zbrush 4R4 (see video)
the print goes Okay but I'd be lying if I said the joints work well, currently doing some sketchup study so I can do the practical bits, not just the aesthetic bits

Ah yes Joints are frustrating to get right.
Will this one be updated when the joints are better?

Well good luck! I was going to try and print this without the hair but I see the back of the head is flat XD Btw do you know how long it would take to print this figure if someone did print it?

can you make a miku 2.0 ver?

I really want to print it, but how long does the printing takes?

About as long as a piece of string :P

it really depends what layer height you pic, what infill, and what size.

I printed the whole plate at 9cm\9cm but it was too small (joints didn't work, fingers were moosh), I'll be uploading piece by piece files that should be better for smaller printers (like mine)

Also I think cura will give you an estimate on print time, but that estimate is for if everything goes according to plan, so you may need to add more time

Could you post the complete, unarticulated model?

Certainly, it is done!

one condition, you gotta post results if you print, and also please print it.

I don't have a printer so I have to live out my 3D printing fantasies vicariously.

Sure, I've already tried it, but had some problems with the supports. Once I find the proper settings you'll see a picture of it.

There are some manyfold problems in the model, and can't slice it with Slic3r. Cura doesn't have that problem, though I can't find the right supports.

Will tell you more once I find how to print it.

Lmaoo! I think you might want to scale these parts down a tad!

Scale detail, or scale print size?

because I can only do one of those

Over all size, which I have started to do with nettfab, from 1.0 to 0.1, but that arms have no flat surface that I can be properly laid flat on the build plate form. I am willing to do some of the work with you to share the work load but I have no way in altering the actual parts besides scaling. As for details its a little longer to slice but I have not tried to print yet so I have no idea if the detailing should also be changed.

well i've cut some flat edges and placed them flat together.

does that help it be more printable?

Hi Kintall, The scaling size is perfect and the flat surfaces will most defiantly make her printable, all bunch together on one build plate as they are now, at my printer speed it will take roughly 11 hours to print. I will try to print some time this week, but might I suggest grouping the parts in smaller size, Ex: Ball joints , arms legs and feet,head hair, ....
Nevertheless Thank you and i will post photo's once she's printed.

That would be superb, please post your print I'd be delighted to see my work become physical

Hi, I am new at 3d drawing and want to learn zbrush. I have a 3d printer and print file I find on the net. Can you share your zbrush file of the doll with me? cla7000@hotmail.com If I get the doll to print out ok I can send you a printed copy in the mail.

I'm maybe instead of giving you the file, advise you on my method, because if you're learning then that's the most useful thing I can do for you.

First, read through Andrew Loomis' "Drawing the head and hands" and "figure drawing for all its worth"

Then for the technical skills, Pop over to Digital Tutors and get started there.

let me know how you go ^^