Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Team Fortress 2 Level One Sentry Gun

by Scampi Sep 14, 2015
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Going to print a team blu one in generic crap from china on my flashforge finder
will post make when done

God this thing needs some instructions XD. Just finished printing the sentry head and put it together and I have no idea to start with the legs and chassis.

Love it, cleanest version i've seen. Don't suppose you made the beacon on the top to turn it into a mini sentry?
I'm printing at 170% scale so would be perfect for the size.
Thankyou for this

I don't have access to the files for the beacon at the moment, but I'll extract and make them ready when I do. If time is of the essence, you could try improvising the beacon from this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2103613

TF2 Mann vs. Machine Bomb
by Scampi

Damn, you're fantastic. 10/10 would print again

could i print this on a 120 by 120 by 120 mm build plate?

The largest piece, the ammo drum, probably wouldn't fit, as I sized it to fill up my 130x130x130. It might, but you will probably need to scale the parts down slightly.

I scaled everything down by 50%. All the pieces came out great except the drum, It ended up very flimsy. When I pulled the support, it fell apart. Any suggestions?

Try out the new drum!

This is my bad, I made the walls too thin. I'm redoing this part, expect it ready today or tomorrow.

Cool, thanks

Would this print just fine on a 150mm print bed?

Yep, I printed my largest piece (the ammo drum) on a 130.

Ooh~ I can make it a bit bigger than :D

So just wondering how big is this thing supposed to be? In the picture it looks like it's the size of a floor tile. I'm wondering because i would just want one for my desk.

It's about 8 1/2 inches tall once assembled.

awesome! would it scale successfully smaller so that it would work at the height of around 3-4 inches total?

Some of the pieces in the real legs are quite small. Try printing them out at that scale to see if they'd work.

Ok, this is all hypothetical so far. thank you so much for responding. off topic, could you make a level 1 dispenser/ teleporter

I've had a dispenser in the works for a while now. It would feature opening drawers, an articulated ammo belt, and other features. I gotta finish that!

this thing takes "some assembly required" to a new level have you got a static version of this? also loved your black rose model!

I really want to print this, but it seems like an ambitious task.

Hey there! When assembled, is this thing fully pose able? I wouldn't mind making an airsoft version.

The Sentry's mostly fully pose able. It can pan and tilt, as well as having position able feet. The only real limitation is it's ability to look up and down, but for practical uses as an airsoft sentry, the tilt ability should definitely suffice. Feel free to modify it any way that you need to.

Question: Will this stop some big mean mother hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind?

Yep, and if that don't work, use more gun!

lets just hope it ain't pointed at you