The moon

by Dexter_New_Materials Sep 14, 2015
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Is this printed with supports? If it is do you break the supports off after printing or leave them on. I have never seen supports that look like the ones in the picture. What am I missing?

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Hi, awesome project!
What print resolution did you use to see the details on a 10 cm model, is 0.2 mm enough?

That's a great model! However, what about those strange artifacts in the middle stripe of the upper hemisphere?

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what size does this file print out to be in diameter?

Not sure, it should be 10cm in diameter. You can change the size as you want.

Could you upload the file with the supports attached? or this that a setting in your slicer? I'm currently using Cura

What is the orientation of the near face of the moon? I'd like to use only that half, but I am having a little trouble identifying it.

The smoothest part, as the earth shields impacts from our side of it.

In the last picture, (the full texture one) it is the center part, you have trouble recognizing it as the "south pole" is dark rather than light as seen from earth, this is probably an image taken from space (or retouched). the large crater above the center is mare imbrium and to the right serenatis.

I was looking for an answer like: the vector [x, y, z] goes straight through the middle of the near side, [a, b, c] is north.

I had to rotate the model to make it look about right, but I never felt it was completely correct.

Hello Dexter,

Very interesting and great looking model.

I just have a quick question, the texture is made from the last image

So, is that image a real texture of the moon? From the blender file I can only see moon_g.jpg so unfortunately I don't know what the source or what this image is.

This information will be very helpful, thanks and best.


Hi Sir,
I can't remember the source of the picture. I think I download form NASA and blur the image for further use.

Hi Dexter,

Why did you blur the image?


Hi Dexter, is it possible to get this in two hemispheres ?

Hi, sure. it is possible. You can use 3D printer software to do this job.

Really good file. Thank you!

I'd be interested in the blend file. How did you get around the pinching at the poles of the UV sphere?
I've done a similar model and can't get around the texture pinching at the top and bottom.

Yes. this is tricky one. I am so happy to know you found it!! I would like to explain more details in the future. LoL~

I would also like you to.. please? :)