Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

The ShapeShifter Project

by DonaldJ Oct 23, 2015
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Like the source of this remix, totally brilliant! Sorry I missed the remixes when I first saw the original. Curious to know how well it works or worked...

As a proof of concept, it performs...adequately. The frame itself seems fine, but some of the parts that are under belt tension look like they are deforming slightly over time. I used ABS; perhaps PetG would be a better material, or the parts should be reworked. This is not an easy project to troubleshoot, and the wiring is still giving me fits. A proper cable chain arrangement is eluding me and this project is low priority at this time.

The printer is intended for fast & dirty prototyping, using a big (1mm) nozzle. I would not expect to use it for fine detail. In retrospect, I should have made it a bit smaller, like 12x12x12 inches. Too late now... ;-)

Mayne if I scaled it down the loads on the parts would be less and I could use an 0.4mm nozzle or even an 0.2mm for fine details. Hmmmmm, tempting. I could also look into casting the parts out of hard resin....

If you look close at GantryEnd-B1 (one of the holes) - you can see a few layers shifted. So it will be better just to mirror GantryEnd-A1.

Good catch, thanks! I don't know how that happened because the one part is a mirror of the other. I didn't notice it during my build; there's enough adjustment with the MakerSlide during assembly that it didn't matter. You can probably ignore it or simply mirror the part.

Once I verified the machine works I put it aside and only recently started working on cable management, and there may be issues with the belt idler wheels creeping up their mounts. It is still a work in progress with much more work to be done and, unfortunately, a low priority for me at this time.

Useful info about belt idlers. Does it happen with all of them or only with these at corners? They seem much less durable. It needs to be something to hold them from both sides.

Added part ( photo included ) to prevent idlers from creeping: "idler restraint.: Long-term effectiveness has not yet been determined.

This looks like something I want to try building. Do you have any measurements posted anywhere for the PVC pipe? Or maybe a handy calculator that I'm not familiar with? I'd love to have a big build volume myself.

Please keep in mind that there were absolutely NO engineering/design "best practices" used in the development of this project; a lot of it was arbitrary, and I made it up as I went along...

Once I decided on a build volume (in this case, X 12", Y 18", Z 18"), I printed the gantry bits and test fitted them with an oversize length of Makerslide. This process gave me a rough idea of the PVC lengths required. There is a lot of wiggle room allowed, and I wasn't too fussy about the actual final build volume.

A rough measurement of my printer uses PVC of the following lengths: X = 23 1/4", Y = 27", Z = 32 1/2" (corner pieces), Z = 24 1/4" (internal lengths for the Z axis Makerslide).

For best results, source all of the PVC from the same manufacturer or you'll go crazy compensating for slight diameter differences. Print one or two test pieces, and adjust the print size for a nice fit...you don't want it too snug.

Good luck!

This is insane, and awesome. Great job.

P.S. Nice googly eyes.