Raspberry PI B+/2 & 3 case

by dktosoch Sep 15, 2015
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Does this case include an opening for the camera input? It looks like it would be possible to feed it though the vents, but I'm not sure...

Wow, it was incredibly pleasant to slide the pi in. Incredibly nice snap, holds perfectly. Haven't tried getting it out - honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if I couldn't do it.

Does not fit Pi 3 B+

The zip file for all files is empty. I have downloaded it 3 times and same thing.

OK, I'll be the the one person that disagrees. This is a terrible design. BAD. Everything is loose, rattling around, and barely held together. I had to use tape to keep the front from popping off. Skip this one...

Original files do not fit Raspberry Pi 3 B ! Looks like you need warn about it or make it fit original dimensions! Just spend my time!

Original files do not fit Raspberry Pi 3 B ! Looks like you need warn about it or make it fit original dimensions! Just spend my time!

I printed this on a Lulzbot Taz 6. The printer setting were less than idea and I didn't get a good print. It was no fault of dktosoch. I think it was a good design. :)

Note: Pi 3B+ users, you will need to modify this case as the wall behind the outer USB port will collide with the PoE pins.
Subtract a section of the model or find something to remove it physically later. At best your pi will become wedged into the case.

I haven't given kudos to many people, but this case is excellent. Printed perfect first time and Pi3 fit perfectly. Nice work. Thanks for sharing

Great cases! I had no luck printing the version that has vents in the bottom, the vents were just too thin and breakable. But the solid bottom version is perfect.

Nice job on this sleeve case. I scaled up up 1% with PLA for a nice easy fit and then I glued the cover on. This is one of the nicest items I have printed.

Love it, printed great. I scaled just the x axis up to 101%, just because I wasn't sure if my printer did exact tolerances and it fits great, nice and snug and everything lines up

Made one and printed at 102% as I read here. The rear card slot is a bit hard to get the SD Card out, but doable. The Raspberry Pi slipped right in with no problems to even remove the Pi. Thanks Keski for reminding me to flip the end cap for printing. Will enjoy this case and looking forward to see the temps of the CPU in this case. Thanks for the design.

Brilliant case that is a near perfect fit for original RPi3. Sliced it in Cura with layer height 0.1 mm. Remember to flip the cap so that it is printed with the little friction tabs up.

Printer: Monoprice Mini / Malyan M200
Material: PLA
Print temp: 210
Platform: 8 mm brim

Hi all,

Really nice case. Compact and quite sturdy, even when printed with 20% fill. When printed at 100% on LulzBot Mini (https://www.lulzbot.com/store/printers/lulzbot-mini) the case is way too tight a fit and I had trouble getting the rpi3 into (and out of) the case. I re-printed at 102% as suggested and the fit was almost perfect (audio jack is slightly misaligned), but certainly good enough. See pictures at https://goo.gl/photos/qzdXyJ1HRJba3XYZ8

Thanks for the design!

Looks great, fits very snug - so snug that I haven't managed to remove my Pi 3 from the case once inserted. May have to cut it up :(

EDIT: Was able to get it out using a small flat head screwdriver pushing on the SD card end of the circuit board.

The cap came out all warped the first time, I'm going to try a second time with more time to cool.

The only thing I would suggest with this case is to make more room on the GPIO versions. I can't plug in my ribbon cable with this case.

This was not a successful print. The thin parts on the underside broke in a vertical print, and the SD card slot was not positioned correctly to insert or remove the SD card. I printed at 102% as others suggested -- the size was okay but in a vertical print, it was very brittle. I'm new to this so could be my fault.

printed at 102% and it's perfect. I love the design. Thank you!

I made 2 of them.. first one as it is... but it was impossible to get my Raspberry pi inside, then 2nd print i made x-axis 102% and now its awesome :) Thanks for...awesome compact design... One Enhancement request.. Please provide heat sink support...Thanks.

I have printed this case and it works well... But i have question ? Does anyone had installed heat sink on RP3 processor ? Because it heats upto 60+ while playing 720p and 1080p videos... the above air ventilators are too thick can it be made little thinner ? so it can also accept heat sinks..

Please advice...

I had the issue where it wouldn't slide in, so I scaled the width to 103% percent but left the other dimensions alone. That fit my pi3b+ perfectly.

I'm printing a version now with a hole for a rivet (or screw, I guess) that lines up with a hole in the board for a more "permanent" installation and a clip to hang it on my rigidbot. I'll upload as a remix if it works well

Just getting started in 3D printing. Can someone please me with a basic question?
Which files do I need to print for this case? I see multiple files, especially 2 for GPIO and not sure what to use / print for pi 3?

just printed the case. fit both of my pi2b's and my pi3b. all ports line up printing the cap now.

I have a Pi 3 and this case is almost perfect. I had to extend the channel that is inside the case for the audio jack, I extended it all the way to the HDMI hole. The HDMI was able to go all the way to the audio jack but it got hung up until I extended the channel all the way to the HDMI.

I have printed about 20 of these for the pi 3 and they fit perfectly.

7 and half hour print to find that the 3b does not fit. Great thanks for a waste of my life :D

Be sure to use sleeve2.stl, which doesn't have a grill on the bottom. The sleeve.stl file has an unecessary grill on the bottom that is very fragile and will break with minimal pressure.

It does not fit the 3b at all. I added 2mm to the width because of the audio jack and too tight a fit. There was no "wing" on the top on the plug side. It did not print as shown. Basically worthless for a 3. Wasted 100G of plastic on this.

It fits my Raspberry Pi 3 with no problems,
and my buddy has also printed and test it with his Raspberry PI 3 with no problems.

Could be a calibration difference.

I suppose that could be it. Just FYI: My measurements show it to be 85mm Tall between 61&62mm wide & 21mm deep. Are these close to what they should be. Also, I was mistaken, it did print the tab for the WAN port. inside depth was 84.5mm (or darn close to it. My R-PI 3 is 84.5 & about 63mm wide at the mini-jack. Nothing lined up well except the mini-jack. Weird. I wonder if they moved components a bit. Could up measure your 3 from the edge of the board at the USB/WAN port side to the HDMI jack; edge closest to the power connector? That way, I can compare it to mine &

Now I have test it also fits with the Raspberry PI 3

Thanks for sharing your design. Work great for me.

I just printed and was a bit too tight to fit. I'm scaling up and trying again. Will post when made.

Due to the tight fit.
Some time you have to scale it.
But if I am you I will only scale it in way it not fit.
So hole to plugs on the side fits.

Hope you get it to work.

The 3.5mm on the raspberry pi 2 model b needs to be cut a few millimeters because it wont fit if you dont cut it.

It sounds weird because I printed it on 2 printers. And test both cases,
with Raspberry PI B+ and Raspberry PI 2 and they fit perfectly.

The board fits the width of the print very tightly - the audio jack had to be cut a bit to get it in. With the board all the way in it protruded out the front about 1mm so the cover doesn't fit flush as pictured. Is it possible to increase the lenght by 1mm