by atartanian Sep 26, 2015
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This is amazing. Now I want to make something similar. Maybe make it round, put a mouth piece on the end so it's like a Lord of the Rings horn.

the biggest plastic waster i have ever seen

It was never meant to be a functional object, just a demonstration of a VERY large part printed on a Z18. Think of it as a stress test (which I wasn't personally purchasing filament for)

this is awesome, looks straight out from a dr. seuss book

What a waste of plastic!

This is actually ridiculous.

I'm #intrigued / is there a youtube vid??

Doesn't this seem just a tad bit overkill???

At least one tad... ;)

what is this overkill you speak of

MADE: 0 :X Whats the point to this? Does it work well?

I've already started, wish me luck! Awesome design by the way~

Cool! I would like to se a video of it in action!

that's crazy, could we get a video of it in action for sound comparison?

I would print this just to play this over and over again

Wow! I didn't know they made this thing back in the 70's.

Comments deleted.

This is madness! But it is awesome!!! Congratulations! I think it would be so ideal if you change your nickname to Amplified!
I'm sure you can use this thing to shout out!

Comments deleted.

This is very cool design. Can't wait to see a video.

  1. Can we see someone wearing it? (Boom box style?) Just looking for some human scale other than chain links.
  2. I'm wondering if someone could use it as a heading aid? (quick tag it in the assisted competition! - if only you could)
  3. How about a video of the phone playing "ricola"? installed and out to hear the difference.

As always.. Thanks, for the inspiration... I might have to try something smaller.

This thing is so damn cool. Unfortunately my printers never get quiet so i am not going to print a couple of days for just this thing. No matter that thing is awesome

Lower frequencies would resonate within the horn. An 8.1 ft horn is somewhere near a low C.

Awesome design. Slice it and keep going!!!

Does it amplify the volume much?

It is quite a bit louder, but probably not enough to warrant such a large print. I designed a much smaller horn (1 foot diameter instead of 3 feet) and the smaller one amplifies just as well as this large one.

And amazingly only 26 Smart Extruders were used in this process !!

Yeah fixed mine up with nylon tape around the nozzle, hasn't broken done in about 20Kg of fillament :D

Actually only one! To my surprise and delight.

Grats on the feature!

So all it does is make the speaker louder? Cool! Very unnessisary but Cool!

Yeah, it was really designed to explore how large of a thing could be printed on a single build plate. The smaller version I'm working on will amplify the audio and also be small enough to throw in a backpack, so would be a good alternative for powered speakers while camping or anywhere else where power is limited.

Best unnecessarily large thing I've seen all week, very cool!

Very cool. Do you have a real photo of this (with the phone maybe)? Also I think you forgot to upload the test print stl.

Love your designs! and looking forward to the code once it's ready. :-)