5.Chests of Iron man Mark1

by JarvisWoo Sep 16, 2015
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Anyone else having trouble with part #94?
I am using simplify 3d and it want to fill in the concave side of the part.
I tried mirroring its counterpart and got the same result.


Is it not wearable because of the size?
If it's scaled up, would it then be wearable?
It would be great for cosplay

Why not? It looks fairly wearable and functional. Maybe with some slight modifications? Is there any major part that is blocking wearing a larger version?

While I applaud you being the 1st to 3d model the Mark 1, I must say that 3 months is excessive.

Especially for only 1 part of any given armor.

What modelling program do you use?

I use Cinema4D, and I've modeled FULL armors, such as the Mark 5 suitcase Suit, in as little as 2 weeks.


I recommend you change modeling programs soon, to cut down on work time, and increase production.

The 3 months is for the 96 parts in this model as he mentions. The rest of the model is available here http://www.thingiverse.com/JarvisWoo/designs.

hello i wan tot ask for what you use hot water?
to clean parts surfaces.
and this all model parts is wearable scale or small. i want to make this for cosplay.

This isn't for cosplay. It's used to make a little miniature model of the whole suit.

Thank you for sharing and good tip using hot water.

How are you using the hot water? As a PLA softener?