Wire Frame Hanging Lamp

by luciaBG Sep 17, 2015
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Huhu, nice work but the ring ist 0.157mm x 0.157 x 0.005 tall it is hard to even see the objekt in Cura.
-And i would love if you could make an stl file with only one "costillas_36"-

-added pictures of the printed ring

Thanks for the comment. I know about that problem with cura, you just have to scale it, the height should be 5mm.
Please, upload a picture in case you print it.

I printed it but the hole is too small and doesn't fit my socket :(

That's because you're supposed to put it between the socket and the bulb, not in the socket. You can see that in the fourth picture.

with cura load wheel.stl, right click then select all model, then scale model 1000times bigger. and you can see model :)

I have a problem with the "wheel" file, if I open it up it is invisible (the print space is just empty).
Does anyone have the same problem? Tried a .stl editor, same there. A "fixed" reupload would be great! :-)

I have the same problem with simplyfy3D..... I gonna try to scale to 5mm height

That should work. Please, post a photo if you print it! :)

It works fine with CURA

Nope, at 100% the wheel is 0 microns small.
Cura auto-scales to 100000%, but who knows if this is the correct size?

mm, that's weird, it's working fine with my CURA (15.04)... anyway, Z height is 5 mm, you can scale it :P

Cura's auto-scale (with warning ofc) did indeed make Z to 5mm. After measuring the already printed parts I did print the wheel at 5mm and it works ok. Needs some glue, but thats ok.