by ModelStation Jul 21, 2011
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This thing printed very well for me. I've had a couple of issues with it in use however. I'm using the Heated Build Platform instead of the ABP on my MK7 TOM. The bottoms of the two sliders hits into my Y-axis rods so I had to shave it down.

My second problem is since this mod allows the Z-stage to move up if I had any sort of tension on my filament it lifts up the Z-stage causing weird printing problems. So to rectify that problem I restored the looser of the two sides with the stock bearings and that seems to have fixed the lifting
problem. My Z-stage still seems to be pretty quiet though.

I would love to see this thing modified so the stock bearings can fit in the ends of the sliders because then it would a truley printable nondestructive upgrade.

I have the HBP on mine as well but do not have any clearance issues. It looks like you are using a different X stage - maybe it is lower than the standard version requiring the Z stage to lower further than stock.

As far as the filament lifting, this has never been a problem for me. The only time when the filament has lifted the Z stage is when the filament spool got stuck. I've been printing with this setup for 7 months and it has been working wonderfully. If your filament is lifting the Z stage then it i
s probably a problem with the tension. Very little force should be needed to pull the filament off the spool.

I'm using the Quick Change Build Platform for TOM:


As far as I can tell it doesn't change the height of the HBP at all. I'm also using Jetty's accelerated firmware which can cause the machine to vibrate pretty bad. A 300% in crease in speed is pretty amazing but all the parts need to be rock solid to use i


Like I said above just using the slider on one side is working out pretty well for me.

Quick Change Build Platform for TOM
Jetty Accelerated Firmware
by jetty

Mine went full derp and decided to fill in the top of the L shaped top bracket. It then proceeded to finish the top of the bracket on top of the fill. Have you had this issue?

It's been a few months since I have printed this but when I did, I did not have any problems like that.

I'll run both of the files through NetFabb and upload them again.

Awesome for responding. I'll try the new files! Thanks!