Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Impact Sprinkler Mark 1

by supermange Jul 21, 2011
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Excellent idea...looks solid. I don't have a printer (yet) so for my own designs and others I use ReplicatorG to make the GCode then run it through a program called Pleasant3D. It visualizes the GCode so you can look at your finished model and see if it will print correctly. (see my profile pic) Of course, it can't tell you if there will be warping or other issues...but if I've worked with a Makerbot previously and usually can tell if there's an issue here or there....very useful to know before you begin printing!

Question about patents - according to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Term_of_patenthttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T... US-patents last about 20 years give or take a few.

Make no mistake about it; I have designed every little part of this nonfunctioning apparatus - however I am not the first guy to invent a Impact Sprinkler. The first guy seems to be a mister: Orton Englehardt who did so in 1933. And he later sold his patent (from 1935) to Mr and Mrs LaFetra, who i
n turn formed the RainBird corporation. Still the mayor player in the sprinkler market. I also imagine that there are quite a few attorneys at their disposal.

I have read somewhere that after the term, the stuff fall into public domain. True?

Bottom line: do we have a problem here?

Followup quest
ion: if not - there are some exiting patents (with rather fine 3D-data) that was granted around 1990... and I imagin that some quite well functoning stuff could be fabricated. Google: "patent" "impulse sprinkler"

Well, now I’m off for a family vacation - i wish you guys all the best! Looking so m
uch forward to seeing real pictures and video of functioning 3D printed sprinklers!

One of the coolest things on thingiverse...

Five stars...

This is because it's a purely mechanical thing (few vitamins needed!) with a usage and a definite commercial value (otherwise they couldn't sell them in hardware stores!)

Thank you so much for your friendly comment. It felt so good that i enabled voting.

This is merely the first - most certainly not even functioning - sprinkle device now pick up the ball and run with it! Improve it! All of you!

the reverse runs on a torsion spring when the spring is compressed with more force than the water produces it brings the head back until the force of the water is stronger than the force of the spring

yeah... thats what the rubber band is for... but i have not grasped how to make it go the other way - read somewhere that you limit the arms travel..

(would probebly understand it if i got to a close look at "a real one")

can't you go buy one? they're like a few bucks...

Livin in europe, (where impact sprinklers not are available) this was a bit harder than you might think. Never the less, i went to silicon valley and in to a home depo. I picked up 2 models.. One orbit (brass) and one plastic (rain bird).

They were suprisingly cheap..

Will get back to you with a way to make the are return...

Beautiful. This is great for a first trial. I will try to adapt it and print it over the weekend. Good thing you did in SketchUp. :)

Thanks Blue!

Looking forward to pictures!

I think the neck have to be redesigned.. to look something like below (from mark 2).

The comming weeks im not going to have much designtime as were traveling, but will follow development closley!

Enjoy the holidays. :)