Case for Beagle Bone Black

by guyc Jun 12, 2013
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You should subtract lidLipThickness from r1 and r2 in boxNegative() and from lipR1 and lipR2 for the inner lip radius in the lid() module, so that the walls are the same thickness all around instead of varying in size as they go around the corner.

Sorry, subtract wallThickness from r1 and r2 in boxNegative() (and lidLipThickness from lipR1 and lipR2 in lid()).

Yep, good plan. Thanks for tracking that down.

I had to repair this in netfabb before slic3r would slice it.

If you provide me with the repaired file I'll upload the fixed version here.




All of three stl had manifold problems that had to be repaired.

In general, having printed one now, I'd suggest making the base and the lid thicker a bit. The whole thing tends to warp a little.

After a little looking, I think I understand why these have manifold problems. I have always previously used tiny shim adjustments to avoid coincident faces on CSG models, but have recently come to suspect that was unnecessary. Well it is necessary; although you can print fine with OpenSCAD + Makerware, the generated STL's are not necessarily manifold and will bork Slic3r. Lesson learned - don't be lazy and add shims always.

The walls on this are quite thin. It prints without warping for me in ABS and PLA. If you have (or anticipate) trouble with warping increase wallThickness and floorThickness as you see fit.

This Rookie needs Help Please: I D/L the zip , unzip & load into Repetier & use Slic3r to slice it. The G-Code reads 158mm Filament will be used for the box/lid ???? I tried to print just the box & the Filament mm was less, & said print time was 7 minutes..... What am I doing wrong? Anyone?

See my links above. The models have errors that cause slic3r to bork the slicing.

Sorry, I haven't used Repetier or Slic3r. Hopefully someone else here can help?

In case anyone is wondering, I printed this out at .2mm layer height for my BeagleBone White (model preceding the BeagleBone Black) as they are supposedly supposed to have cases that fit either or. The case fits very nicely, mounting holes line up for the PCB, mini-USB/ethernet/5v DC/and rear USB port all line up as well. The rear transflash SD card slot is the only thing that doesnt match up for the BeagleBone white version. otherwise, everything else is great!

If you get a chance to measure the positional error, I'd be interested. The pics I see of the original bone look like it is in the same place. If the difference is small, it might be possible to enlarge that opening enough to accommodate both.

Current status of this model:

Printed in PLA the lid is a little loose, but otherwise dimensions are fine.

Printed in ABS the lid fits snugly, but the internal dimensions are just too small for safe assembly. The wallSpace variable in the OpenSCAD file (now at 0.5mm) needs to be increased slightly to provide a little more tolerance for assembly.

wallSpace has been increased to 1.0mm to make assembly easier, and the power block opening has been enlarged slightly. Good to go now for ABS printing.