E3D Clone 40mm Clip-On Fan Mount

by Edak Sep 20, 2015
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This for v5 or v6?

It looks like you printed this with a horizontal orientation (fan face flat on the bed) which means that the strength of the clamp around the cold-end is not optimal.

Most E3D fan shrouds are printed in vertical orientation (fan face vertically) - so that the pressures gripping the cold end are not against the print layers - which is how I printed this. The lower part of the fan faces a 'brick wall' in front of it to address the size of the fan compared with the height of the E3D cooler - I'm not a big fan of this as it doesn't look to be good for airflow. Something like this seems to be more optimal for airflow: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1367657

However the main issue I found is that the thickness of the arms that hold the cold end is overly thin, and they did not grab my cold end sufficiently tight to hold it in place. My cold end is 24.82mm in diameter which may explain this (it was sold as an E3D V6 with Micromake Kossel XL from Aliexpress).

In the end I have retained my previous cooler http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1348278 which fits very snugly against the cold end.

E3D 50 mm fan duct
by Szur
Hot end fan shroud for e3d v5 with part cooling duct 40mm fan Kossel/Smartrapcore Alu

Thanks for the comment, I understand the frustration of having parts from china that are marketed as the same but aren't. Scaling it down would hurt you more by making the walls even thinner.
For me the fit worked well and the airflow is okay. The "brick wall" I had there so i could get a bed fan in too.

I have updated the design a little son this is a reminder that I need to upload it.

Thanks again for your kind words and recommendation.

Do you plan to upload updated files soon? THanks great stuff!

It works like a charm. I'm using this now on my printer.
Could you please share also the file for the bed fan please? Thanks!

Hi, thank you for the kind words. If you look at my other models I have added that bed fan too. :)