Pokemon Go Plus

by Chaosghoul Sep 20, 2015
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Hey, is this the same size as the original one? So can i use it to make other things for it?

Hi Spammers,
Unfortunately no, this was a mockup after screenshots from the very first trailer that shows it. I made a new backplate for the actual go plus if you're interested in that though.

Was fun to print and so glad the pieces popped right in. Sadly didn't have red or white to use but I did have them in clear, so it looks cool like it's crystal.

cool! I'm happy you like the model, would you mind uploading a few pictures? :)

Sorry, I would if I could but I can't.

ah, no problem. I'm glad you're enjoying the models :)

I think it would be awesome to hollow the black base and thicken it slightly to place a small 3V battery. Then use clear filament for the center piece and add a small 3mm led inside and a sort of contact that only allows it to turn on when pressed

if you can make a mockup drawing with measurements of the space you need in the base, I'll be happy to make this

Love this! Made some as keychains for my little cousins using the necklace base. Question, would you be able to upload the model you used for the basic black.stl model? I wanted to add a more robust key ring to it.

I'm glad you're enjoying the designs :)
I can definitely do that, it's a .sldprt though as I am using SolidWorks for all my stuff.
Additionally, it wouldn't be a problem for me to just double the wall thickness for this piece if you'd like.
While I'm at it: is the diameter ok or shall I make that a little bigger as well?

Sldprt should be fine, I can work with that! As for the thickness, it could definitely be a little thicker. I made a necklace one for my wife this morning and she already broke the loop lol. But yea if you can upload the part I'd appreciate it!

Good One. But may i request "one print" model. So i just need to color it after printing

Ok, complete_necklace version added :) Thanks for the suggestion

ok, I'll have one ready as soon as I'm back at my Computer.
Which attachment style would you like for this?

I think necklace/keyring will be good. Fridge magnet also awesome idea to put these in pokestop! :)

that's a pretty awesome idea!
I'll have to find cheap magnets that everyone can easily get though