Tool Holder for MPCNC 2.8W laser w/ fan and line lasers

by Ductsoup Sep 20, 2015
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What is the diameter of your laser line?

Cut or alignment?

I used J Tech Photonics for the cut laser and their spec sheet doesn't say, probably because it'll vary with the focus and material thickness. I can tell you subjectively that the kerf is very small. For the alignment it doesn't matter, you're just looking for the intersection of the beams.

How do you power the 2 line lasers? Does it hook up directly to the laser driver (Jtechphotonics)? If not, how do you power them? If so, where do you attach them?


Wow, it's been a while since I thought about this but I don't remember but I don't remember building a separate driver for the line lasers. I think I powered them from one of the aux fan outputs.

Does this mount in the existing drilled holes on the Z axis, or do I need to remove the gantry and redrill new holes? (MPCNC 525 using US electrical conduit)

It mounts on the existing holes for my build. I'm not sure of anything has changed with the newer versions, guessing not.

I agree. Nice, well thought out design, it looks cool, and lasers! What more can you want?

What laser module, lens and driver are you using? Is it JTech Photonics module or ala carte parts from ebay? How are you driving the TTL modulation? In your gcode?

Steve C

Thanks. I picked up this kit.


Just finishing up the electronics mount, final assembly and wiring is next. From the docs I've seen yes, they're using PWM to modulate the laser power.

Very nice,
A very well thought out design.

I want one! The design looks great and I want a laser.