Universal Horizontal Spooler

by SpoonUnit Sep 21, 2015
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please write the size on the description. !!

Thanks for the offer- I'm in the US. What do I use as a search term? 3d print shops? Seems to be a logical first step.

Hmmm, sell me a spool holder... Bought unit from Dagoma, whose original spool holder inspired your take-off!

Got it. Have you considered looking for a local 3d hub to get the print done? If you're in the UK I could probably send you the one in the picture as my current printer doesn't need a separate holder.

I'm a total noob, using a Dagoma Neva printer. Can I print just shell (Cura slicer) or do in need reinforcements- fill of 17 or 33 available to me. I'm thinking fill would really interfere with the bearing. Is the third file in the folder your bearing?
And how do you hold the spool while you're printing the spool holder?

Hi. Everyone has to start as a noob. It'll wear off :)

This is pretty much a shell of a design anyway, so I doubt that any changes you make to the fill will ultimately matter. I don't recall what the third file is actually, but an STP file is a design file, so, given the age of the design I'm guessing that was exported from Fusion360. The design is made to use a skateboard (608ZZ) bearing.

How to print anything without a spool holder is a good question. If one didn't come with your printer than there's no really good answer to that. Either you can hand-hold it for the duration of the print .. (approx an hour or two) ... or jerry rig something. A short pole of wood suspended between two points with the spool over the pole should work. might be worth asking the seller of the printer. Perhaps they had in mind to sell you one?

Thank you - this turned out perfect, and made all the difference having a lower friction spool holder for printing with flexible filament (just turning on a plastic part made the gears dig in and eat my flexible filament trying to pull off spool)

hi, what's the size of the bearing ? (inner/outer diameter)

It's designed to fit an 8mm interior hole, 22mm exterior diameter, 7mm depth. I bought a set of 608Z bearings for this and other projects.

Thx for the info, now i can print the bearing :)