Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

(minion) ramps 1.4 for mostly printed cnc multitool

by technomastermind Sep 22, 2015
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x1 Minion 2004 LCD 4mm deeper,the latest update.
x1 minion body hinge v3
x1 minion bottom v3
x1 minion LCD back v3
x1 minion body 40mm v4
Fit this kit perfectly [did need a tiny bit of force but not too much, printed in ABS with a 1.012 scale from CURA (for the ABS shrinkage)] (did have to open a few of the holes for the M3 screws to thread into)
Brilliant design!!!!!!

Thanks WarHawk8080

Pleased you like the design,great feedback,Very motivating,-)

anyone had any experience/issues with mega/ramps bundles not matching the alignment of the case.
I know im running cheap clones, but id be surprised if I was the first to have this issue?

Ok i flipped it around some and got it to work. was trying to print straight up.

Fantastic,pleased it worked out for you,)

the lcd back V3 is not printing correctly. printing only about an inch and a half on the Y axis. Any reason for that? only one messing up?

Has anyone else has issues with the holes not lining up for the mega 2560?

me, and not the LCD either

me, and not the LCD either

Comments deleted.

Hi just to check, whether is it possible to make a LCD with 12864 from geeetech? as i need one..... please

Hi Evetanlm

I have made you a GEEETECH enclosure for your LCD and ramps board.Check out my thingi profile.

The LCD frame need testing,i am sorry i don't have a geeetech LCD for testing at the moment.
If you can track me down a 3D model then i shall be able to perfect the LCD frame for you.

hope this helps
best regards

minion ramps 1.4 geeetech 12864 lcd

Hi Evetanlm

This should fit your geeetech lcd,I used a generic 12864 lcd from China.

Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Technomastermind,

as the geeetech lcd the SD card slot is different side as the generic, can i send you the dimension>?
this is one of the link http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:275352

Geeetech.com Full Graphic LCD Case
by Alup

Thanks for the info Evetanlm

The geeetech is quite a popular lcd choice for many 3D printers.
Give me a few days and I shall upload a minion for geeetech lcd display.

Thanks for your support feedback and requests.

Best regards

thanks you so much Technomastermind. really hope to get this. it would be a pity if can't use it.... Love your work! :)

Awesome ,) very motivating.

I have printed this design for my 2004, and also mega and ramp, it's nice and compact, compare to others and it fit my new printer, at the right angle. It's totally a great one.

I do have problem to print the bottom plate with the usb connector, just at the end when printing the pin for screw the board it off set , and look bad, 3 attempt and allways the same , just drive me crazy 9 hr of print for bad parts.! Grrrr

Hi Domi8262

Sorry your having trouble with your board placement.
I believe this is the model i used for reference,http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:34621

Hope this helps

Pololu A4988 (RAMPS)

Thank, I made it fit, but this look good, I will check that.

I found the holes for the speaker and reset button all needed moving up so that they are both on the same axis as the control knob.

This wasn't possible (easily) without a lot of work because the cutouts for the speaker are partly on the bevel at the front of the case, so moving the vertices up distorts the case... I actually had to discard the parts I'd printed and use a different design.

My smart controller is labelled 'www.bigtree-tech.com' underneath where it says RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller.

Yeah, mine is also that version. Is there a remix around?

I have the same display and same problem. Wondering if new version could be made for this so less manual work would be required?

The plug in power connector has two prongs that are not accounted for and prevent the plug from being inserted into the board. Simple fix, but just thought it should be pointed out. The reset hole is off by about 3 or 4mm and needs to be moved to the right to line up with the button.

Seems like there should be some exit holes for the stepper motor wiring. Was this an oversight or am I missing something?

Thanks for your feedback Flashsolutions

I have been waiting for feedback for the stepper motor wires to exit the enclosure.

Some ramps boards are l slightly different,The enclosure fit my ramps fine.i shall double check the 3D model data.

My intention is to use 6pin aviation connectors on the rear of the enclosure,the 6 pin plugs will cater for the stepper wires and limit switches.
This is a simple retro fit mod for pre-printed parts,however i shall update my design and upload the files accordingly.
Please let me know what you think.

Best regards

I was able to get all of the stepper motor wiring thru the provided opening. I still have limit switches to add, and fans and lights, so the opening may be a bit tight for all that.

For the power plug, I just cut a couple notches in the one I had printed but I changed the STL file to allow the entire power plug to seat all the way by opening up the connector area. I just have not printed it yet as I have a number of other jobs in the queue.

I had a need to mount mine vertical with the hinge on the opposite side. I made corresponding changes by editing your STL files.

I will post them after I get some photos taken.

Thanks for all your work on this project.

Comments deleted.

Awesome work. Already printed everything I needed. Is there any recommendation how to power the fans, and which one should suck and which should blow?
Thank you!

Thanks sekude

Awesome job,looking forward to your build pics.
I would recommend pulling the cool air in over the stepper PCBs,and expelling the warm air out with the other fan.

Thanks again for your feedback,)

My mega2560 can line up with the holes, but unfortunately the power plug cant fit is a bit off however it seems that the distance between the power plug and usb is correct.. !

It means the power plug hole and the usb needs to be moved around 6mm dont know if anyone else is experiencing this ! :)

why dont you remove the old versions?

Excited to print this out, just started the lcd lid, in peak green!
Great name and design, just a little confusing at first to figure out what files i needed.

and now that i have my lcd , the frame i printed is the WRONG housing since it is to shallow and will not clear the ic cable plugs. it would be nice if you removed the incorrect files and made this download a whole lot less confusing.

Do you have a list of what files we need to use?

Hi twlum
Thanks for your request.
I have updated the the thing details page,a complete list of files for a complete assembly is now available.

Thanks for your feedback.

Could you upload the STEP file for this part?


The STL files can be reverse engineered if need be,its a fairly simple design.
What cad software's are you using.


I have access to inventor and NX. I love the design to this box but there a few changes that I want to make. I don't need the slot for the SD card and I have different size fans sitting around. I'm too busy to make my own model I just want to make some quick changes to fit my project.

Quick question i ordered the parts form Vicious and ordered the kit with the large LCD what would you recommend me to print? Im kinda having a hard time to figure what version and what parts i need to print. Thanks and love the design!!

Awesome,really pleased you like my design.
If you have the full graphic smart controller,then this is the correct minion ramps for you.
Please print out the following files.

x1 Minion 2004 LCD 4mm deeper,the latest update.
x1 minion thumb wheel v4
x1 minion body hinge v3
x1 minion bottom v3
x1 minion LCD back v3
x1 minion body 40mm v4

This will give you the full set of files for printing.

Looking forward to your build photos,enjoy

Anyone else having issues with the power connections on the Arduino/Ramps not lining up the cut-outs? Even the picture above seems to not line up correctly.

Hi bushkill

I use ABS for printing and rework my printed parts with an hand drill and small needle file set.
may i ask what version of the minion ramps have you printed?
i recommend printing out all version 3 parts,except for minion body and minion LCD,you should use version 4 for these files.

Hope this helps

I printed version 3 bottom. I must have gotten a cheap Arduino knock-off with my kit. The barrel power connector is about 1/4 closer to the USB plug that the hole for it.

Thanks for the confirmation bushkill.

That is so unfortunate,i didn't realize that the sockets would be in different locations on the various Arduino boards.
Its something im going to have to investigate.

pssibly make a different top for the smaller smart controller LCD?

Great idea
I could make one for the smaller smart LCD.
Which particular one did you have in mind ?

Post me a model number and i shall look into it.

Thanks for the feedback

I have this one: http://amzn.com/B010MZ8S6A

any one based on the reprapdiscount smart controller should be identicle

Thanks for the details.

I shall redesign the LCD frame to accommodate the smaller smart controller display.

Would you like the display to be centralized in the frame,or would you like it offset to the top or bottom of the enclosure?
If i keep the dimensions of the LCD frame has they are then we could use the extra space for something else.
Maybe an E stop button or electronic power key switch.

The button on the bottom right of the display actually is a kill button.

here is a mockup of one if it helps.

RepRapDiscount Smart Controller


The minion ramps will require a complete redesign to accommodate the longer PCB of the reprap discount smart controller.

I have started a redesign and will have something ready shortly.
A new thingy page will be created to keep things organized for this new version.

Minion ramps remix now up for grabs,http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1059189

(Minion) ramps 1.4 remix for mpcnc

Half of it is done =) looks great in Black/Red as well.

Tough you missed something in the Mainbody, a hole for the other Cables like the Steppers, and if used Endstops and or Thermistors. Nothing crucial in my opinion =)

Thanks for your feedback

Let me know what side of the enclosure you would like the cables to exit through.

I was thinking of keeping all the cables on the left hand side of the unit,and using different size blanking caps with holes in them.
So that you can use the right size blanking cap Dependant on how many cables your intending to use.

This approach will be aesthetically pleasing and promote optimal air flow through the enclosure by keeping the gaps around the cables to a bare minimum.

Thanks very pleased you like the design.

Theres plenty of room for all cables inside the main body,the part that takes up most of the room is the LCD header socket.
Cooling will be fine,air will be forced in with one fan and pulled out with the other.

I can always modify the model if you have any issues,let me know where you would like the cables to exit the enclosure.

please print version 4 of the main body and LCD frame for the reasons listed in the description.

keep me post on your findings.

I'll print it two twice!1 for my mp cnc and 1 for my prusa!
can you tell me if you have enough room for the cables coming out from ramps?
the arduino mega and ramps are firmly fixed?are them cooled enought with the cables around?
thank you so much

the screen tilt is cool, especially for the mpcnc. i want to print this out now. Thanks

Thanks,really pleased you like it.

I have printed out all the files and it fits together pretty well.

You will require a small needle file to clean up the hinge fingers prior to fitting,there is a tolerance of 0.2mm but they will benefit from a touch with a small metal file.

let me know how it goes.


looks nice and very promissing. Ill try it after i am done with my new IE middle Z V2 =)

Thanks grearson

I did try to create something a little bit different than what was currently available,and wanted the thing to compliment the mostly printed CNC multi-tool.

I`m building my fist CNC machine (thanks to allted great design)and wanted all of the delicate electronics protected neatly without over complicating the design.

Please let me know how the build goes,i shall make alterations/tweaks accordingly.

Mounting brackets and lid hinge updates coming soon.