by trobok Jun 13, 2013
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The design of this character is awesome! I feel like it could be on a cartoon show or something. Maybe a post apocalyptic pokemon type world with deadly gaseous areas where the creatures adapted and transformed to their environment. This guy would be awesome.

I can't get it to slice in Slic3r properly.... can you upload a fully healed version? Slic3r is having trouble with the bubbles.

Hey Injoi, Yeah i have heard from some people that other slicing apps cannot do it. It works fine in makerware for some reason. I am not too sure how to heal it... any suggestions?

I lowered the poly count a bit and fixed the model using cloud.netfabb. You can add this as a "low poly slic3r friendly .stl" It took a couple hours because I am not very familiar with blender but I REALLY like the model. I will post my print when it finally finishes. Also, would you mind me timelapsing the model on my kickstarter (with attribution of course)? https://www.dropbox.com/s/bg374zb6q745qa2/Snorklowpoly_fixed.stlhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/bg37...

Hey Thanks so much for fixing!! :) Very kind of you and yes please go ahead with using him for anything ;)

This timelapse should bring you joy. I hope you upload more cool stuf!!


Most excellent! Dig the character design. I'll have to print one. Well done!

Thanks! Big fan of your work!

Starting printer, ETP: 2:49

Not how I remember the Snorks at all. :-)

I really like the creature/character style. Please do make more!

Hhahaha, I should make a skeleton of one of those to put next to him. :)

Thanks! i will do!

Printed at 2x size with 0.06mm layers. Looks awesome!

Wow! Wow! Looks so good! Love the yellow :) Very nice print! 0.06mm!

The Yellow is yellow from Ultimaker. 0.06 is no problem for the Ultimaker actually. Does take a very long time to print. I just let it run over the weekend, no idea how long it took.
Amazing model. At 1500k polygons it was quite a good test for my new Cura slicer. But after slicing I HAD to print it, looks just so awesome.

Wow, so cool! Yeah my models starting to get a bit heavy, need to decimate them a lot more. I printed one as big as my rep1 plate and it took 23 hrs at 0.1mm. Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it!

My print was a replicator 2

Looks great! Thx for the print! :)

Very nice, I like the style.

Thanks Andreas!

NICE!!! i dig it! What printer did you use to print it ? came out great!

Thanks!! :) I used a makerbot Replicator 1. 100 microns :)