Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

v2.0 pocket knife fully printable / Taschenmesser (for righties)

by UncleBens Jun 13, 2013
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Can you create a video on how to assemble? Is it mandatory to have the metal screw? Finally, which handle do we use, since they both have different sized holes.

does it cut something? ^^

If you mean by opening boxes, Yes. If you mean by cutting paper, No.

Hi. Would it be possible to make another rounded blade (without sharp tip on the end) ? My 4 years old son desperately wants a pocket knife. This one would be perfect if the tip wasn't sharp. If it's easier for you, you can supply the source and I'll change it... Thank you very much

No worries, mate! I will upload the new file for your. Check if it is suitable for your son.

Took me a few tries on my Replicator 2x. I printed the newer version using the printable peg. When printing the peg by itself, because the extruder head is on the plaster for so long I had to reduce the extruder temperature by 10 degrees (at 200) when printing with PLA. Otherwise it got so hot that it lost form. The rest I printed at 200 degrees with my particular PLA. Really solid design and everything fit perfectly together: No wiggle and just the right amount of friction when opening and closing. Good job designing this one UncleBen.

Thank you! I think you can avoid reducing the temperature when you print more than one peg at the same time or use a fan for active cooling.

Awesome design I am printing one with Taulman 618 nylon and ColorFabb bronze fill blade. Really cool thing though

Thanks. I guess you are the first one who printed parts of that knife in nylon. Good to see that it worked :)

Awesome print. One of my favorites. Amazed how sharp it is right off the printer, printed on printrbot simple full scale no issues.

if you get the chance, print the blade of the knife with the blade pointing up. the z axis happens to be more accurate.

This is a really neat piece of design - and it's surprisingly sharp, given that it's made of filament. Much as I like it I have to ask: are you sure this is legal? See my comments on 3D Genius:


No body should be allowed to tell you what you can and cannot make in your own home! (At least not in the USA.) Liberty for all!

Hi SteveCaplin,
First of all I want to say thank you for your compliment, the interest and the nice article you wrote about my thing. :)
I can understand your thoughts. But this knife isn t made with the intention of doing something bad. Exactly the opposite is true! It s a useful tool which can be used to cut food (like fruits) or something else ;). I m sure the knife could be smuggled on a plane, but you always have to think about that a knife which is made out of a ceramic blade and a plastic holder seems to make more sense if anybody wants to do something criminal. I also heared about older women, who were allowed to take their knitting needles on board of a plane ;).

But of course it is NOT legal to use the pocket knife to hurt or threaten anybody! Thats the same with everything else (e.g. stone, piece of wood, screw driver or even your own fist).